Singer/Ranaldo show at cneai in Paris, 2009.

In the summers of 2007 and 2008 Leah and I were in residence at CNEAI (Centre national de l’estampe et de l’art imprimé) on the edge of Paris, at the invitation of CNEAI director Sylvie Boulanger. The artists residence was a newly-constructed houseboat floating on the Seine, open to the daily, often dramatic life of the river. Just offshore sat the cneai bldg, both museum/alternative space and atelier. For one month each summer we created prints (etchings, silkscreens, monotypes, drypoints) in their atelier w the assistance of master printers working there. In the end the works were editioned (elsewhere in France) by master printers. In February of 2009 we had a joint exhibition, “We’ll Know Where When We Get There,” in the cneai galleries, curated by Daniel Kurjacovic. We had a grand opening with performances by many wonderful musicians and artists, and the galleries were full of life. For the close of the exhibition I created a 60 minute audio piece for Radio France Culture, which was premiered for the first radio transmission at a ‘Seance d’ecoute’ in the exhibition space. This audio work was made as an artists-edition LP record, published by the cneai and serving as the ‘catalog’ of the show. Eventually a book, “Water Days” (Jours d’eau) was released in both English and French versions, by French publisher Dis Voir, which documented our time at cneai.

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  1. Dear Lee,

    I met you when I worked as the archivist for the Cneai – Chatou – France few years ago when you came with your family and made this beautiful record with Leah, and the amasing performance.

    I’m involved in this festival now, Mona Foma – Hobart – Tasmania – Australia:

    for this new museum of old and new art in Hobart :

    I organised the first streaming live concert ever of Pierre Henry, the french musique concrete composer, in a 60 speakers acousmonium, from Paris to Hobart.

    Brian Ritchie, curator of the festival, who you might know from the Violent Femmes, is always looking for some great shows to come for the next editions,

    So if you / Sonic Youth are on tour around Australia / Tasmania early January 2013,or 2014,
    Let me know if you are in any way interested.

    I think of your music to shake MoFo.


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