BOOK IMAGES – some of these are available in the webstore!


Jrnls80s – Portugese Language Edition
Terreno Estranho, Brasil 2017
244 pgs
New introduction by LR.

Some Writings on Music and Musicians
Lazy Eight Pubs, 2016
54 pgs


Lost Highways
Posture Editions, Belgium, 2014
32 pages, hardcover.
Catalog of drawing exhibition, Text by Roland Groenenboom


How Not To Get Played On The Radio
Soundbarn Press, 2011
Chapbook, 16 pgs.
Recent poems


Against Refusing
Waterrow Press, 2010
42 pages, oversize
Poems constructed from internet spam, surrealistic cutups.


Water Days : Jeau d’eau
Dis Voir, Paris, 2010
Catalog of photographs related to Paris exhibition
Issued in both English and French editions, each with 60 min audio CD included.

Burglarproof Wheelbase
Glass Eye Books, MA 2009
Chapbook, 16 pgs.
Poems constructed from internet spam.


I Love You I Hate You: Leah Singer & Lee Ranaldo
Magazin3 Konsthall, Stockholm 2008
Exhibition catalog.


Hello from the American Desert
Silver Wonder Press, 2007
Chapbook, 32 pgs.
Recent poems, drawings by Cris Kirkwood, introduction by Todd Colby.


Gigantic Art Space, NYC 2005
Hardcover book and DVD in slipcase.
Documents of gallery show and video installation.
Texts by Roland Spekle, Sam Durant, Alan Licht, Jonas Mekas, Carlos Van Hijfte, Tom Leeser, Roland Groenenboom.


Lengths & Breaths:
Photos by Cynthia Connolly
WaterRow Press 2004
110 pages
ISBN 0-934953-79-1
New poems, long and short, and Paperbox, a 9/11 piece.


Soft Skull Press 1998
198 pgs
ISBN 1-887128-31-X
Poems, lyrics, letters, observations, wordplay and postcards from the early days of Sonic Youth.


Moroccan Journal: Jajouka excerpt
Lee Ranaldo & Leah Singer
Ring Tarigh 1996
Limited edition chapbook
28 pages
A visit to the Master Musicians of Jajouka, Morocco; excerpt from a longer (as yet unpublished) book about travels in Morocco by Ranaldo & Singer.


Photographs by Leah Singer
Hozomeen Press 1995
96 pages
ISBN 1-885175-06-X
Poetry, prose and dialogues by Lee, visual design by Leah.


Road Movies
Photographs by Leah Singer
Soft Skull Press 1994
90 pgs
ISBN 1-887-128-07-0
Lee’s first book.


Road Movies 10th Anniversary Edition
Photographs by Leah Singer
Introduction by Todd Colby
Afterword by Sander Hicks
Soft Skull Press 2004
165 pgs
ISBN 1-932360-73-5
Expanded edition of Lee’s first book, poems and short writings (with introduction by Todd Colby/afterword by Sander Hicks)


Road Movies (Expanded) Spanish Language Edition
Acuarela Libros 2003
156 pgs
ISBN 84-95627-03-5


Road Movies (Expanded) Italian Language Edition



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