Welcome to the Tour Statistics section of the Sonic Youth Concert Chronology website. Here you will find two separate pages -- one for years, and one for songs. On the main site you will find the tour statistics for each specific tour from every year.. this page combines all of that information into a yearly summary, and also a song-by-song performance frequency breakdown.

The Song Performance Statistics site is available here.

Because of a sufficient lack of information on The Early Years and 1981, these time periods have been excluded from the Tour Statistics site.

The pages are broken down like this:

Main Statistics

Here you'll find the total number of shows played in the year, and how many of those shows were part of a tour. In addition, the number of tours that year are listed, along with the amount of television appearances, if applicable.

Number of Appearances In xx Partial or Complete Set Lists

xx = number of set lists available from that year, whether they're complete or not.

An alphabetical list of the songs performed that year, followed by the amount of times they were played. If a song was played only once, the date of that show will be included afterwards. Also, since television appearances are NOT included in the Set List tally above, but do affect the number of the song's performances, it's indicated if the song was played on a television broadcast (note: only specific television shows are included, such as Letterman, Conan, and various European shows.. a live version of a song from a concert broadcast on a concert program is not the same as an exclusive performance).

Current Release / Songs From Albums

Sonic Youth's current album or major release is listed first. Often this is approximated within the tour-specific statistics on the main site. Following that is a list of all the albums from which they played songs on the tour, and the amount of songs played from that record.

Other Statistics

If any songs were unreleased by the end of the year, they're listed in the yearly statistics. If they were unreleased during one tour but released later that year, as is the case with most Sonic Youth songs (tour first, record later), that's indicated on the tour-specific statistics on the main site. Note that a cover song is NOT unreleased, even if SY never released their own version of it.

Also indicated is the number of different songs played, as well as any Non-LP songs.. note that while this does include some B-sides from singles/EPs, it doesn't include SYR EP material, and usually isn't necessary anyway. Covers are also listed here.

And of course, the statistics offered on these pages is only relative to the information available on my site.. it's not 100% accurate, so please help if you can.

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