SONIC YOUTH // 1997 Tour Statistics

Main Statistics

  • Number of shows played: 9
  • Number of tour shows: 0
  • Number of off-tour shows: 9
  • Number of tours: 0
  • Number of television appearances: 1

    Number of Appearances in 8 Partial or Complete Set Lists:

    Anagrama			8
    Female Mechanic Now On Duty	6
    French Tickler			1	11/21/97 NYC, NY
    Heather Angel			3
    Hits of Sunshine		6
    Hoarfrost			1	11/21/97 NYC, NY
    Ineffable Me			8
    Karen Koltrane			2
    Stil				6
    Sunday				3
    Wildflower Soul			8

    Current Release: Suburbia Soundtrack / SYR1 / SYR2

    Songs from albums: A Thousand Leaves 9 SYR2 1 SYR1 1
    Note: We enter a hazy area in 1997. Although songs like "Sunday" and "Ineffable Me" were released, it wasn't in their best known "A Thousand Leaves" versions. So while I've chosen to refer to them as A Thousand Leaves tracks, I don't consider them "unreleased".

    Also, Female Mechanic (then known as Static Overview) was broadcast (along with Ineffable Me -- then Proud Marie -- and Stil) on the PBS "Sessions at West 54th St." TV Special, though I wouldn't consider this a 'release'. Same goes for Wildflower's inclusion on the Tibetan Freedom Concert compilation.

    Other Statistics

    Unreleased at time: 7

  • Female Mechanic Now On Duty
  • French Tickler
  • Heather Angel
  • Hits of Sunshine
  • Hoarfrost
  • Karen Koltrane
  • Wildflower Soul

    Number of different songs played: 11

    Non-LP songs performed: 0

    Note: The statistics above only reflect the information available on this site in the form of gig dates, set lists, and tour schedules. Since many set lists are either missing or incomplete, and not all concert dates are available, it's impossible to offer 100% accuracy, but this is as close as the site can come w/ the information available. Your help to make the site more complete would be greatly appreciated. Contact Chris Lawrence with any info you have.

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