SONIC YOUTH // 1981 Tour Statistics

Main Statistics

  • Number of shows played: 8 confirmed, but at least 4 or 5 more...

    Number of Appearances in 4 Partial or Complete Set Lists:

    Burning Spear				2
    Cosmopolitan Girl			1
    Destroyer				1
    I Don't Want to Push It (Hard Work)	1
    I Dreamed I Dream (Red Fern)		1						
    She is Not Alone			2
    The Good and The Bad (Loud & Soft)	2
    Unknown Noisefest #1			1
    Unknown Noisefest #2			1
    Unknown Noisefest #3			1
    Unknown Noisefest #4			1
    Though we're not much better off than we were when I initially created this site, we can now 
    claim to have recordings of three 1981 Sonic Youth performances, rather than the one that was 
    available pre-2006. The Noisefest show continues to contain 4 unique pieces with the "original" 
    line-up, and the deluxe "Sonic Youth" EP reissue offers a complete 7-song performance from the 
    Music for Millions festival, with Richard Edson, and contains some fascinating early versions of 
    material from the first record as well as the fabled "Destroyer" and an unexpected rendition of 
    CKM's "Cosmopolitan Girl". Even cooler, this show proves to be the source of 3 clips from the 
    legendary 'Sonic Death' cassette montage -- the opening 5 minutes are taken from "Loud and 
    Soft", the insane early version of "She is Not Alone" follows it, and later on side one the 
    middle of "Burning Spear" is sampled. Very wild to hear these samples in context. 2 songs from 
    the briefly drumless guitars-only trio have also surfaced, demonstrating how percussive the 
    guitars actually are.
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