SONIC YOUTH // 2005 Tour Statistics

Main Statistics

  • Number of shows played: 46 (1 improv)
  • Number of television appearances: 0

    Number of Appearances in 45 Partial or Complete Set Lists:

    100%			        1
    Brother James		        3
    Bull in the Heather	       14
    Burning Spear			1
    Catholic Block		       17
    Do You Believe in Rapture?	2
    Drunken Butterfly	       15
    Dude Ranch Nurse	       17
    Empty Page		       17
    Eric's Trip		       13
    Expressway		       18
    Helen Lundeberg			1
    I Love You Golden Blue	       42
    Incinerate			1
    Isolation			2
    Karenology			1			
    Kool Thing		        8
    Lights Out			1
    Mariah Carey/Kim Gordon	       10
    Mote			       16
    New Hampshire		       39
    Or				1
    Paper Cup Exit		       22
    Pattern Recognition	       43
    PCH			       27
    Pink Steam			2
    Plastic Sun			7
    Rain on Tin		       26
    Schizophrenia		       13
    Shadow of a Doubt		5
    Sleepin' Around			2
    Skip Tracer		       15
    Stones			       43
    Sugar Kane			1
    Teenage Riot		       20
    Tom Violence			1
    Unmade Bed		       41
    White Kross		        4

    Current Release: Sonic Nurse

    Songs from albums: Rather Ripped 6 Sonic Nurse 8 Murray Street 4 Washing Machine 1 Experimental Jet Set 1 Dirty 3 Goo 2 Daydream Nation 2 Sister 4 Evol 3 Kill Yr Idols EP 1 Sonic Youth EP 1

    Other Statistics

    Unreleased at time: 7

    Number of different songs played: 38

    Non-LP songs performed: 7

  • Early versions of 4 "Rather Ripped" tunes were debuted by a stripped down trio version of SY between European tours in July of 2005 - "Pink Steam" "Do You Believe in Rapture?" "Or" and "Helen Lundeberg" (which appeared on a 7"). The full band debuted a brand new song entitled 'Sleepin Around' at one August gig in Iceland. "Incinerate" and "Lights Out" were premiered by the same 3-piece SY (sans Lee) in December.
  • SY also performed John Lennon's "Isolation", previously only recorded by Lee solo for an unreleased Lennon tribute album.

    Note: The statistics above only reflect the information available on this site in the form of gig dates, set lists, and tour schedules. Since many set lists are either missing or incomplete, and not all concert dates are available, it's impossible to offer 100% accuracy, but this is as close as the site can come w/ the information available. Your help to make the site more complete would be greatly appreciated. Contact Chris Lawrence with any info you have.

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