SONIC YOUTH // 2002 Tour Statistics

NOTE: In-Store performances are included in total count of set lists + song tallies, except for the "songs" played in Austin and Thurston's solo versions. The radio show performances are listed at the bottom but do not count towards the song tallies, as they are in-studio performances with no audience. The TV performances, though listed separately, do count towards the song tallies on the 'song stats' chart, as they had a live audience. Thurston/Lee/Jim acoustic sets not included at all.

Main Statistics

  • Number of shows played: 58 + 3 "in-store" sets + 1 "improv" set
  • Number of tour shows: 50 + 3 "in-store" sets
  • Number of off-tour shows: 9 (including 1 improv set)
  • Number of tours: 2
  • Number of television appearances: 1

    Number of Appearances in 60 Partial or Complete Set Lists:

    100%					 9
    Brother James				 3
    Bull in the Heather			40
    Burning Spear				 1	06/15/02 Hultsfred
    Calling All Girls			 1	11/24/02 Baltimore
    Candle					36
    Cotton Crown				24
    Disconnection Notice			60
    Drunken Butterfly			40
    Empty Page				60
    Eric's Trip				34
    Inhuman					 4
    Karenology				57
    Kissability				44
    Kool Thing				30
    Kool Thing (Merzbow)			 1	07/10/02 Hamburg
    Making the Nature Scene			34
    Mote					 4
    Nevermind				 2
    Plastic Sun				60
    Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style	58
    Rain on Tin				60
    Schizophrenia				 8
    Shadow of a Doubt			39
    She Is Not Alone			 4
    Side2Side				 1	07/09/02 Berlin
    Silver Rocket				16
    Skip Tracer				21
    Sympathy for the Strawberry		43
    Tom Violence				13
    White Kross				13
    100%			1	Last Call w/ Carson Daly
    The Empty Page		1	Last Call w/ Carson Daly
    The Empty Page		2	08/26/02 KCRW, 09/27/02 The World Cafe
    Rain on Tin		2	08/26/02 KCRW, 09/27/02 The World Cafe
    Plastic Sun		2	08/26/02 KCRW, 09/27/02 The World Cafe
    Disconnection Notice	2	08/26/02 KCRW, 09/27/02 The World Cafe
    Karenology		2	08/26/02 KCRW, 09/27/02 The World Cafe

    Current Release: Murray Street

    Songs from albums: Murray Street 7 NYC Ghosts & Flowers 2 Washing Machine 1 Experimental Jet Set 1 Dirty 2 Goo 2 Daydream Nation 4 Sister 3 Evol 2 Kill Yr Idols EP 1 Confusion is Sex 2 Sonic Youth 2

    Other Statistics

    Unreleased at time: 0

    Number of different songs played: 29

    Non-LP songs performed: 1

    Calling All Girls (Half Japanese) -- 11/24/02 Baltimore - was this just a 'jam' or the full song?

    Note: The statistics above only reflect the information available on this site in the form of gig dates, set lists, and tour schedules. Since many set lists are either missing or incomplete, and not all concert dates are available, it's impossible to offer 100% accuracy, but this is as close as the site can come w/ the information available. Your help to make the site more complete would be greatly appreciated. Contact Chris Lawrence with any info you have.

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