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‘Uncle Skeleton’, from Electric Trim. Directed by Elisa Ambrogio (Magik Markers). Dusty hippie/western or just seasonally appropriate? Lyrics co-authored by Jonathan Lethem:

‘Moroccan Mountains’, from Electric Trim:

‘Moroccan Mountains’ is the opening track on ‘Electric Trim’, out now on Mute! Moroccan Mountains (7:26) – The song was in part inspired by three trips to Morocco in the 1990s and a particular Moroccan carpet that Lee sat on while writing the tune. Directed by Fred Riedel, the video is an excerpt from the forthcoming documentary on the making of the album, “HELLO HELLO HELLO : LEE RANALDO : ELECTRIC TRIM”. Shot on location in Morocco, France, New York City, Berlin, Hoboken and somewhere in the skies over the Tyrrhenian Sea in 2016.
Available here:

‘Thrown Over The Wall’, a live solo version of a song from Electric Trim:

A song for the resistance: We use a telescope to measure great distances, a micrometer or microscope to explore minutia. The scale is vast, from infinite to infinitesimal; we humans but a momentary blip on the cosmic timeline. Last of your kind? RESIST/Eyes Ahead/Inclusion not Exclusion/RESIST. Radio Wave studios, Prague; King Kong/Rai Uno, Rome. Lyrics: Jonathan Lethem+LR. Edit: LR
Available here:

‘New Thing’, from Electric Trim:

“A Song about the internet” – Directed by Naomi Yang – Out now on Mute.
Available here:

‘Circular (Right as Rain)’, from Electric Trim:

A Circular Visualization by Fred Riedel and Lee Ranaldo. Out now on Mute.
Available here:

‘Electric Trim’, from Le Blogotheque, A Take Away Show

A film by Derrick Belcham & Henri D’Armancourt
Produced by Henri D’Armancourt for La Blogothèque
Filmed in New York in March 2016. Special thanks to The Carlton Arms Hotel & Elodie Boutry.


A preview of a song from forthcoming album Electric Trim, as performed live on radio in Europe, Feb 2016. Described thusly by one insider: “If Trump becomes the next POTUS, this will be the song of the resistance”. Lyrics written in collaboration with Jonathan Lethem:
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BARCELONA SOUNDS: Bits and pieces from live improv show at Joe’s Pub, NYC, 6/29/15. Shot by Fred Riedel.
Lee Ranaldo, guitar, Raul Refree, guitar, Chris Corsano, drums
add’l cameras: sophia riedel and rick smigielski

Fleurs Hobo
with some work-in-progress from new album sessions, April 2015…


Hydra Greece 2015 #1

Hydra Greece 2015 #2

INDIA ETC 2013-14
Here’s a long video (25min) consisting of selections of mostly iPhone films from the last year or so, inspired in large part by my trip with The Dust to India in September 2013, set to a long instrumental mix of an early version of The Rising Tide, recorded 012313 with The Dust (Steve Shelley, Alan Licht, Tim Luntzel) [and included on our double CD of Demos & Rehearsals]:


“A movie of a song in a dream of a movie.” Directed by Fred Riedel, the basic concept plays off particular images of the Velvet Underground as filmed by Andy Warhol in the late 60s, casually rehearsing at the Factory, performing (as The Exploding Plastic Inevitable) on St Marks Place with projections and dancers, and even Warhol’s famous ‘Screen Tests’. The character of “The Projectionist” is played by legendary NYC avant-garde filmmaker Ken Jacobs (with whom both myself and Fred studied back in the 70s). Among the dancers can be spotted former SY drummer Bob Bert. Longtime SY associate, director David Markey, is among those behind the camera on this piece. Shot at Sonic Youth studio Echo Canyon West as well as at live gigs in New York City and Los Angeles.

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Here’s a video that was posted after our show in Belo Horizonte, Brasil in 2012. Many thanks to the troupe of 8 local drummers who performed with us. They play in the maracatu style.

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I can’t recall the name of this instrument right now – or of the player. He was one of a group of Chinese improvisors who joined Leah and I in the Shanghai performance. We bought this little 3-pipe instrument for our son. One fixed pipe (like bagpipe chanter?) and 2 pipes w a sliding mute on each, to create warpy and gliding note effects. Very beautiful sounds!
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This one finds me trying to play a normal “C” scale on 2 microtonally-tuned pianos (each tuned to a different scale) at the Trinosophes Gallery in Detroit where The Dust played back in October.

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My Chicago bag theft video (closed circuit)

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Yellow Tube Man: Dust Dancer

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  1. Beth Batkiewicz says:

    Thank you to you and Sage, for taking the time to take a picture with my two grandsons, Ryder and Chase . You made my sister’s day and gained to new fans !! Chase loves music and Ryder aspires to be an artist, you cover both fields with such amazing ability !

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