Torn Photograph (for SR & RS) 2000-2007

Here’s a blog post related to a pair of photo-work multiples I’ve made that reference both Steve Reich and Robert Smithson:

Torn Photograph: Four Organs (for Steve Reich & Robert Smithson)
Lee Ranaldo
ink jet print, edition of 10,
21.5” square, torn in quarters, glassine envelope.
Inkjet print, edition of 10

A photo work in homage to two individuals whose works have meant a great
deal to me. In 1970 Robert Smithson contributed a piece to a boxed edition of
artist’s multiples organized by the gallerist Marion Goodman under the label
“Multiples, Inc”. The box included artists such as Dan Graham, Mel Bochner,
Richard Serra and many others from the time. Smithson’s piece, Torn Photograph,
was an image of construction rubble taken from one of his slideworks, which he
had torn in 4 quarters and packaged in a glassine envelope. Steve Reich, the
composer, is a friend and has been my neighbor in lower Manhattan for the last
decade. There is an early piece of his called “Four Organs” which has had a
profound influence on me ever since I first heard it many years ago. The four
organs of his piece are now gathering dust in our mutual basement. I’ve
photographed Riech’s stacked up organs and have done a torn print of similar
dimensions to Smithson’s, dedicated to both men.

Robert Smithson: Torn photograph from the 2nd stop (Rubble) (1970)

The “maquette version” of this work (edition of 25) is available from Paul and Wendy Projects, Toronto.

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