‘Experimental Folksinger’ – Porto – 111911

I played a solo acoustic show Saturday night (not a frequent occurrence for me!) at Rem Koolhaus’ amazing Casa Da Musica concert hall in Porto, Portugal. Sort of ‘Experimental Folksinger’ mode haha… I was playing songs from my forthcoming LP ‘Between the Times & the Tides’ which comes out via Matador on March 20, 2012. Here’s a clip (by hugthedj) and some screenshots (by Ricardo Almeida) that I grabbed off the web…. This song is ‘Shouts’…

8 Responses to ‘Experimental Folksinger’ – Porto – 111911

  1. Erika Davis says:

    Oh hi Lee! Can’t wait to see you on tour and hear new album. Please come to NM.

  2. Matt John says:

    Oh hi Lee! Oh hi. See you on tour.

  3. Rodrigo Marques says:

    Very good Lee

  4. Rogério Ribeiro says:

    Amazing show, can’t wait for the new record!

  5. tim knight says:

    Hi Lee, nice guitars. that looks like an old j-45 your playing.
    Hope you make it to Portland, im sure it be a blast for us all.
    see you soon.

  6. tim knight says:

    Hi Lee, nice guitars. looks like a j-45, my very favorite gibson…
    see you when you come my way!!!!! tim.

  7. Chenal says:

    Hartmann: Yeah, I can see it. I also love that diatel. Thanks everyone for your kind comments!

  8. patrick hennessy says:

    Can’t wait to see Lee playing at Imagine Arts Festival in Ireland. October 25th

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