Fuck Yeah Lee Ranaldo.tumblr.com

someone just sent me the link to this site–some photos thru the years–kinda humbled, kinda funny—-



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  1. Harley says:

    Got to love the Super Reverb!

  2. Jim Harris says:

    Great pictures.

  3. hello i am from peru regresen pronto heros masters sonic youth

  4. Lee…. such bittersweet feelings….Its been 4 years.. I never got to see SY.But I miss you none the less. A late bloomer- I’ve been listening and watching nothing else for 3 months…NEW LIFE into my 51 year old brain, heart , soul.

    Love the pics, love your new material :THE DUST and CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU…COME TO MONTREAL…or MASS!!!! “I see a little darkness mixed in with the light: beautiful – ever the optimist…

    Love you,

    Steve C.

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