LEE & LEAH in LECCE, ITALY August 2011

I’m just back from 2+ weeks in Italy, Leah and I did big outdoor performance down in Lecce in the far south—had 2 gong players, 4 vocalists, cellist from Kronos Qtet, 3 lge screens and a “chorus” of 15 gtr players, and me w hanging gtr—was pretty amazing… texts by Brion Gysin… We went to Lecce, Italy on the invitation of Sound Res – a residency program for contemporary music and art, in southern Italy.

3 Responses to LEE & LEAH in LECCE, ITALY August 2011

  1. Edo says:

    Hi Lee!
    I was one of the 15 guitarists…Great performance! I’m gonna edit some videos of the concert, of the workshop and of some other funny stuff of those days in Lecce! I’ll keep you updated! Bye.

  2. alessandra says:

    this was one of the greatest thing produced at Sound Res -Residency Program for Contemporary Music and Art, Lecce, Italy. very magical night! thanks lee and leah!

    visit us ( even if still in progress) at:

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