Powderfinger August 2011 New Zealand

an art show of drawings and prints curated by Dead C member Michael Morley at Auckland’s rice and beans gallery. info here.

Hi Lee and Leah, hope all is well? you are in sunny europe still?here is the catalog for Powderfinger, no print version, just the blog  http://powderfingercatalog.blogspot.com/ photos and text  will post some more photos soon.

the show has been going well, some very good comments, people obviously enjoy having something so different here??? And the essay has had some nice things said about? No staff from the art school has gone to it?? they are a strange bunch.

Rust Never Sleeps and Live Rust play in the gallery, my copies from the 1970’s, they are so worn.

Hope you are enjoying Fire Island


aotearoa_new zealand

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