Hello! This is intended as a post-script to the 05/07/10 update, containing a little bit of cool supplementary information, mostly submitted by site visitors in response to the latest update. I have to say, the not-so-subtle desperation that preceded the last update was half-serious and half-setup, but the amount of people who wrote to provide info or mostly just say 'thanks!' was extremely flattering, and did encourage me to get this new information online much quicker than I usually would. I certainly don't expect everyone who visits the site to write, but it was great to hear from folks like: Greg Joondeph-Breidbart, Beau Fredericks, Ben, Charles Saufley, Jake Aguirre-Butcher, Carlos Fleischer, Guillaume Malice, Arjen Roffel, Igor Sapijaszko, Thomas Poli, Austin Stephan, Mike Grady, David Martin, Simon, Kyle, Elijah Jimerson, Lauren Treacy, Gregory Glacier, Eli Jemison, David Plachta, Markus Christ, David García Muñoz, Christopher Allred, Fernando Lennertz, James Kearns, Morten B. Adamsen, Raphael Dalzell, Matthew Yau, Matt Stevens, Kyle S., Tom Long, Colin Gibson, George Sanderson, Martin Pease, Andrew Raicich, Aaron Dennis, Andi Cartes, Matthew Grigg, Krasz Ádám, Thomas McLoughlin, Fabian Larrosa, John Biscuti, Brad Word, Tom Pinnock, Scott Culley, Adam Fisher, Jamie Downey, Nate Bunkers, Tore B, and Scott Kuchta (who also has the distinction of being the only person to comment on the latest tab site update, which made me extra happy!).

If you haven't actually read the latest update, please go there first! I haven't made any edits to it, but you can find some updates below...click the guitar links for further info...


- the sunburst hollow-body at Lee's feet in the Europe '85 pic is apparently a Hagstrom Viking.

- the red 12-string Strat that I was sure was a Fender is actually a Hondo "Fame" - take a look and see why I was fooled!

- the "Fake Drifter" that puzzled me so much is indeed a Harmony Stratotone. Very interesting footage recently surfaced on youtube, containing large portions of the Kim and Thurston interviews used for "Put Blood in the Music", dating it as September 1988, which helps put a timeframe on the rest of the documentary's footage. It also puts Thurston's "Drifter" remark into much clearer context - he is totally bullshitting throughout the entire interview (he's also seen holding another, sunburst Stratotone!).


- apparently Thurston did use the Quest Manhattan M-3 live after all, at least at the 11/03/88 Toronto show (probably for "Silver Rocket").

- in addition, Thurston also used the blue Ibanez Roadstar II on the Daydream tour as well, for "I Love Her All The Time". This explains the mystery of the rosewood fretboard chronology...

- further Daydream footage reveals that Lee also used the Univox Plexiglas on "Eliminator Jr" at 12/11/88 - presumably for extra scratchy tone? His pile of guitars at this show also appears to include: Red Mustang, Sunburst Mustang, Kapa Continental, Fernandes Strat, both Teles (I think), and the Harmony Les Paul.

- jumping ahead to '92, apparently Lee was already using his blonde Jaguar on the European Dirty tour, for "Burning Spear"!

- more European '92 Dirty tour revelations: Kim was using her Gibson Les Paul Jr way back then for "Swimsuit Issue", and Lee was using his White Kent for "Expressway", both almost 10 years before their otherwise first documented live appearances!

- in addition to "Shoot", Lee uses his "Old Wood" Jaguar on "100%" and "Kool Thing" (the latter as a back-up when he breaks a string on the Travis) at one December '92 gig...


- Kim's Rickenbacker bass is apparently a 4003.

- Dig this interview w/ Mike Watt for some backstory on Kim's blue Gibson EB bass!


- the "Fender DGC-1" mentioned in Guitar Player '89 is actually a DGL-1 Digital Delay, and is clearly visible in the pics of Lee's 1988/1989 effects (in addition to a Boss DS-1, which I didn't previously identify). The DGL-1 was Lee's main digital delay for this era and can be heard all over "Daydream".

- this falls outside the era of this update, but the unknown pedal from Lee's '98 setup appears to be a Pearl Analog Delay like this one...


- added a 16-string guitar (!) given to SY by Steve Albini here...

- I always wondered what the weird beatbox/percussive sounds were during 1992 gigs, often between songs but notably part of the pre-verse on "Swimsuit Issue", and apparently it's some kind of keyboard Thurston plays with at the side of the stage!

- Lee recently came to my hometown for a solo show, so I had a chance to take pictures of the original prototype for his Jazzblaster, which was not part of the 'Eternal Equipment Exposé' - so dig it!

...I think that's it. Sorry for the somewhat half-assed nature of these bullet points and their titles, but I didn't want to get into hardcore ramblin' territory, so check out the individual guitar pages for the new pix and some elaboration on these points and hey, please keep writing!

Chris 10/10/10


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