Used by Thurston: 1985

  • 1985 -- ??? (The Burning Spear)


  • Turns out I was wrong about Thurston using the Drifter for "Burning Spear" on the 08/01/85 video. It's really the only known usage of this "fake" Drifter.
  • Possibly a Silvertone version of the Harmony Stratotone.
  • This guitar can be seen in a picture of the band surrounded by guitars that I suspect was taken in very late 1986, or at the very least the EVOL era. In the "Put Blood in the Music" documentary, Thurston is seen displaying this guitar for the camera, explaining that a lot of songs were written on it and even going so far as to call it his favorite guitar...then he says it's called the Drifter. Well, this is definitely not the Drifter we all know and love - however, when viewed in context with the entire, recently unearthed, must-see interview (watch all 3 parts!), it's clear that he's totally fucking around the entire time. In addition, he's seen with a sunburst Stratotone in slightly better condition at the beginning of the video.

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