Used by Thurston: 1983-1999

  • 198? -- ? (She's in a Bad Mood)
  • 1983 -- ? (Burning Spear)
  • 1986 -- CCD#D# (Marilyn Moore)
  • 1988 -- BBF#F# (Eric's Trip)
  • 1989 -- BBF#F# (Eric's Trip)
  • 1990 -- BBF#F# (Eric's Trip)
  • 1991 -- BBF#F# (Eric's Trip)
  • 1992 -- BBF#F# (Eric's Trip)
  • 1993 -- BBF#F# (Eric's Trip)
  • 1995 -- BBF#F# (Eric's Trip)
  • 1996 -- BBF#F# (Eric's Trip)
  • 1999 -- BBF#F# (Eric's Trip)


  • The guitar was originally owned by a friend of the Coachmen, Thurston's pre-SY band. When Thurston was first invited back to Kim's apartment, shortly after meeting her, he was surprised to find this guitar in her possession. The Drifter was in Sonic Youth's arsenal for nearly 20 years. Originally a cheap 6-string, in the mid 80s the frets were torn out and the guitar was strung up with bass strings and from 1988 on it was used exclusively by Thurston on Eric's Trip up until July 4th, 1999, when the guitar was stolen in California.
  • Gauges: .056 .056 x x .042 .042
  • Black Les Paul style body
  • Originally played as a 6-string, typically with a cowbell for "She's in a Bad Mood" (see "SONIC DEATH" liners) or drumsticks for "Burning Spear".
  • The guitar appears to have been converted to a 4-string towards the end of 1985, as it was used by Thurston on 'Marilyn Moore' in the tuning CCD#D# (with the low Cs in unison, equal to the third fret of a standard A string, and the adjacent D# tuned one and a half steps above, and the other D# tuned an octave below, one half step below a standard low E). It also has a notation on it that says "Lee F#A" so it's possible Lee used this in some kind of F#F#AA 4-string tuning at some point, as well, more likely for a solo experiment.
  • All frets removed in mid 80s
  • Strung up with 4 bass strings in mid 80s
  • 2 E tuners removed
  • 2 drumsticks used for "Eric's Trip" typically wedged under strings
  • "SONIC" sticker on headstock
  • Sticker w/ Elvis on a U.S.A. flag
  • Dayglo Tiger sticker (?), similar to Kimberly guitar
  • Confusion is Sex sticker
  • Large white square sticker, unsure of details
  • Silver single coil pick-ups taped in
  • All knobs taped over with duct tape
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Listed as "DRIFT" on 1995 set lists.

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