Used by Thurston: 1985-1986

  • 1985 -- GGDDD#D# (Brother James, Kill Yr Idols, World Looks Red, Green Light, Flower)
  • 1986 -- GGDDD#D# (Brother James, Kill Yr Idols, Green Light, Flower)

    Used by Lee: 1987-1999

  • 1987 -- DDDDAA (Schizophrenia, Catholic Block, Tuff Gnarl)
  • 1989 -- EG#EG#EG# (Expressway)
  • 1990 -- F#F#F#F#EB (Kool Thing) & DDDDAA (Catholic Block)
  • 1991 -- DDDDAA (Schizophrenia)
  • 1992 -- AF#EF#EB (Shoot, 100%, Kool Thing) - spare for F#F#F#F#EB, I assume
  • 1993 -- GGDDD#D# (Cotton Crown, Stereo Sanctity, Flower)
  • 1995? -- GGDDGG (Teenage Riot) & GGDDFF (Mote) ???
  • 1998 -- GGDGGA (Female Mechanic Now On Duty) & GGDAGA# (Karen Koltrane) & GGDAGA (spare/reserve)
  • 1999 -- GGDGGA (Female Mechanic Now On Duty) & GGDAGA# (Karen Koltrane)


  • This is the first Fender Jaguar used in the band, originally by Thurston for the GDD# songs mid-way through 1985 thru November 1986, at which point it had already been stripped down (prior to Lee using it in '87). Originally it had a tortoise shell pickguard, the single coil pickups had their covers removed, the knobs were gone, but for the most part it seemed intact. In 1987 Lee began using it, but it now had no pickguard, the switches had been covered in tape, there was a humbucker in the bridge and a single coil in the neck (by the end of the year there was a humbucker in the neck too). In the 'Titanium Expose' video shoot you can see it has a single humbucker in the neck and the switch cavities have been hollowed out. It stayed that way until at least 1994 (the 'Bull in the Heather' video). It primarily stayed as Lee's DDA guitar until 1992 when he began using it for 'Shoot', then moved on to various G tunings. When it appeared on the 1998 tour, it had received a makeover: a tortoise shell pickguard, and two Tele Deluxe pickups (making this a Jagblaster?!). It even had a toggle switch! Lee's sunburst Jazzblaster was his main guitar on that tour but this one still made an appearance every night, until its theft in July 1999.
  • Wood finish
  • Serial # -- 125720
  • 2 single coils (1985)
  • Humbucker in bridge, single coil in neck (1987)
  • 2 humbuckers (late 1987)
  • Humbucker in neck (1990 onwards)
  • 2 Tele Deluxe pickups (1998 onwards)
  • Tortoise shell pickguard (1985) -> no pickguard (late 1986-1995) -> tortoise shell pickguard (1998)
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Rhythm/lead circuit switches intact in 1985, removed in late '86 -> toggle switch added around 1998
  • 2 knobs removed
  • Trem bar
  • Lots of white tape (holding in pickups originally?!)
  • Circular red sticker added late 80s
  • "EU" sticker added late 80s ?
  • Used by Lee in "Bull in the Heather" video
  • Used by the impostor in "Titanium Expose" video
  • Listed as "OLD" on '95/'98/'99 set lists.

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