Used by Lee/Thurston: 1985-1986

  • 1985 -- F#F#F#F#EB (?? - Lee) & EG#EG#EG# (Expressway - THURSTON)
  • 1986 -- EG#EG#EG# (Expressway - THURSTON)


  • I'd originally thought this was just Thurston's 'Expressway' guitar, but apparently Lee used it on the April '85 tour of Europe, and probably traded it over to Thurston around the time 'Expressway' was written in June. It was stolen just before the 11/22/86 show in NYC. In September 2006, the original 'Expressway' guitar mysteriously reappeared in the hands of a Sonic tech -- completely stripped and beaten up.
  • Yellow body
  • Humbucker in neck, slanted single coil in bridge
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • 1 toggle switch
  • 2 knobs

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