Used by Lee: 2009-2010

  • 2009 -- CGDCGD (What We Know)
  • 2010 -- solo shows


  • This is the first prototype for Lee's custom signature Jazzmaster -- the only difference I see is that this one has a regular headstock where-as the finished model has a black headstock. Lee has used the prototype live, though possibly only for solo gigs -- but he did use it for 'What We Know' on the Pitchfork A>D>D session (he used the 'finished' model for the remainder of the songs).
  • Auctioned in October 2018 on Reverb (with a spare neck).
  • As of September 2010, Lee is still using this for his solo gigs (typically hung from the ceiling pendulum-style).
  • Sapphire Blue Transparent body
  • Black anodized aluminum pickguard
  • 2 "newly voiced and improved Fender wide range Humbucker reissue pickups voiced to Lee's specs" This one had standard Tele Deluxe humbuckers, which were replaced for the 2nd prototype + production run
  • Streamlined eletronics - no rhythm circuit, just one volume knob
  • Fender Mustang bridge
  • Vintage frets and 7.25" fretboard radius
  • Vintage style nickel hardware
  • Pickup selector switch 'side to side' instead of up/down
  • Vibrato bar
  • "Ultra Eczema" sticker
  • Spiral sticker on reverse
  • Pavement 09/21/10 NYC guest pass on the back

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