Used by Thurston: 1986-1988

  • 1986 -- F#F#F#F#EB (World Looks Red, Starpower, Death To Our Friends, Shadow of a Doubt, Burning Spear) & F#F#GGAA (Tom Violence, White Kross)
  • 1988 -- ?? (I Love Her All The Time)


  • One of several Ibanez Roadstars used by Thurston in the EVOL/Sister era, this is a Roadstar II, probably an RS Standard model.
  • I incorrectly believed this was only used in 1986, but apparently it was also used on the fall 1988 Daydream Nation tour for "I Love Her All The Time", where it has the rosewood fretboard neck - I had previously assumed that the picture with Thurston using the drumsticks (no head) was him playing "Burning Spear" on the summer '86 tour, but it's most likely from 1988. This would explain why the guitar seemed to go from rosewood to maple and back to rosewood - now it seems it had a maple fretboard neck in 1986, and at some point before it was used in '88 it got a rosewood fretboard neck (later seen in the "Titanium Expose" video).
  • This guitar was auctioned on eBay in 2011 for the ShelterBox benefit.
  • Blue body
  • 3 black single coils
  • Black pickguard
  • 2 knobs
  • Slider
  • Unknown rectangular sticker

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  • 1986