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Thurston - guitar/vocals
Kim - bass
Lee - guitar
Steve - drums/percussion

Lyrics   status: confirmed

Falling outta sleep I hit the floor
I pull on some rock tee and I'm out with the door
From Bowery to Broome to Green
I'm a walking lizard
Last night's dream was a talking baby wizard

All coming from female imagination
Daydreaming days in a daydream nation

Smashed up against a car at 3am
The kids dressed up for basketball
Beat me in my head
There's bum trash in my hall
And my place is ripped
I totalled another amp, I'm callin' in sick

It's an anthem in a vacuum on a hyperstation
Daydreaming days in a daydream nation

Track length: 7:13

First Known Performance: 06/09/88
Last Known Performance:  03/11/90


  • Working title: "Dream"
  • Part "b" of the Trilogy.
  • "Daydream Nation" takes its title from the lyrics to Hyperstation.