Originally Released on:


also appears on:

  • Silver Rocket 7" (live '88)
  • Daydream Nation deluxe reissue (LP + live '89)

Thurston - guitar
Kim - bass/vocals
Lee - guitar
Steve - drums

Lyrics   status: confirmed

[various kim sounds]

Tears cruise away, packed and then took a shit
The sky is ours, dark stains on his pants
Enough to make him blush around the bone
Take a walk in the park, shit yeah!

Poor boy, a rich boy
A poor rich boy comin' right thru me
Rich boy, poor boy
Poor rich boy comin' right thru me

Track length: 2:37

First Known Performance: 06/09/88
Last Known Performance:  02/23/08


  • As is common sonic practice, this song's title is a bit of an in-joke. The band thought the song sounded like a cross between a Dinosaur Jr song and something off of ZZ Top's "Eliminator". In fact, it was often listed on set lists as "ZZ".
  • Part "z" of the Trilogy, which serves as not only a closing to the album (as in "a to z") but also a reference to the ZZ Top influence.
  • An early live instrumental version appears on the Silver Rocket 7" as "Non-Metal Dude Wearing Metal Tee".