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  • Providence 7"
  • Screaming Fields of Sonic Love video (music video)
  • Daydream Nation deluxe reissue (LP + live)
  • 11/05/88 "LIVE AT CABARET METRO 1988"

  • Back to Mine: Guillemots

Thurston - piano
Mike Watt - voice

Lyrics   status: confirmed

Watt here, I'm downstairs in this window.. yr uh, punk phone booth.. Thurston, Watt.. Thurston.. I think it's 10:30.. we're callin' from Providence, Rhode Island. Did you find your shit? You gotta watch the mota, Thurston.. Yr fuckin memory just goes out the window. We couldn't find it in the van at all, we were wondering if you looked in that trash can.. when we threw out that trash, man.. with the bag in yr hand, did you dump it? Call later, bye.

Track length: 2:41

First Known Performance: 06/02/07
Last Known Performance:  02/23/08


  • A studio collage featuring a piano tape Thurston recorded at his mother's house, the sound of a Peavey tube amplifier (a Bassman was used in the video) overheating, and an answering machine message left for Thurston & Kim by Mike Watt from Providence, Rhode Island, where Firehose were playing a show. They'd played NYC the night before and Thurston had shown up w/ some cables and cassettes he'd purchased earlier. Mike asked Thurston to throw some trash away, and later on they discovered that the cables were lost. The answering machine message is Watt asking whether Thurston had accidentally included the cables in the trash he'd thrown out for him. "Mota" is Watt's term for marijuana.
  • Released as a 7" single w/ a stereo version on one side and a mono mix on the other.
  • A dreary video for Providence was made by Peter Fowler and Sonic Youth.


  • On "Providence" 7" - MONO MIX - 2:41

    Mono mix of LP version.

  • Music Video - EDIT - 2:41

    Has Watt's obscenities removed.

  • On "Daydream Nation" deluxe disc - LIVE - 1:44

    Recorded live on 03/26/89 in Amsterdam, Holland.