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also appears on:

  • Candle 12" (live '88)
  • Daydream Nation deluxe reissue (LP + live '89)
  • Mix Tape #6 (live '89)
  • Battery Park NYC July 4th 2008
  • Rarities 2 (live '88)
  • 11/05/88 "LIVE AT CABARET METRO 1988"
  • 12/13/88 "LIVE AT CBGB'S 1988"
  • 04/12/89 "LIVE IN MOSCOW 1989"

Thurston - guitar
Kim - bass
Lee - guitar/vocals
Steve - drums

Lyrics   status: confirmed

Hey Joni put it all behind you
Hey Joni now I've put it all behind me too
These times can't add up, yr life's such a mess
Forget the past, and just say yes

Tell me Joni, am I the one, to see you through?
In this broken town can you still jack in
And know what to do?
I remember our youth, our high ideals
I remember you were so uptight
That time in the trees, we broke that vice
We took some steps & now we can't think twice

Tell me Joni, am I right by you?
Tell me how you're gonna lose this hard luck?
Hey Joni, when will all these dreams come true?
You'd better find a way to climb down
Off that truck

Shots ring out from the center of an empty field
Joni's in the tall grass
She's a beautiful mental jukebox
A sailboat explosion
A snap of electric whipcrack
She's not thinking about the future
She's not spinning her wheels
She doesn't think at all about the past
She's thinking long and hard
About that wild sound
And wondering will it last?

Kick it!

Hey Joni put it all behind you
There's something turning, it's turnin right to you
My head burns, but I know you'll speak the truth

Hey Joni, put it all behind you
Hey Joni, now I've put it all behind me too
Forget the future, these times are such a mess
Tune out the past, and just say yes

It's 1963
It's 1964
It's 1957
It's 1962
Put it all behind you
Now it's all behind you

Track length: 4:23

First Known Performance: 06/16/88
Last Known Performance:  11/05/11


  • Marks the first time Lee sings lead vocals on more than 1 track on a Sonic Youth album.
  • Inspired in part by William Gibson's "Neuromancer". The title is supposedly a play on "Hey Joe" and Joni Mitchell's name.


  • On "Candle" 12" - LIVE - 4:08

    Recorded live on 11/19/88 in Los Angeles, California.

  • On "Daydream Nation" deluxe disc - LIVE - 3:39

    Recorded live on 03/26/89 in Amsterdam, Holland. Also used on Mix Tape #6.

  • On "Battery Park NYC July 4th 2008" - LIVE - ?

    Recorded live on 07/04/08 in NYC, NY @ Battery Park.