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Thurston - guitar
Kim - bass
Richard Edson - drums
Ann DeMarinis - guitar



Track length: 2:33

First Known Performance: 06/18/81
Last Known Performance:  06/18/81


  • The fourth song performed at Sonic Youth's third known public appearance, the 1981 Noisefest event organized by Thurston. I suspect that the songs performed during their Noisefest set were leftovers from the Arcadians (aka Red Milk, aka Male Bonding), the pre-SY band featuring Thurston, Kim, Ann DeMarinis, and Dave Keay. They probably taught these songs to Edson when he initially joined, and began working on SY material once Ann left and Lee entered the pictured.
  • This one begins with a solid bass/drums foundation, vaguely similar to "I Dreamed I Dream". I think Ann plays guitar on this as well as Thurston, and both just sort of skronk away (could this be the track Thurston references in Confusion is Next - "I remember we had to do some gig, and there was one song Ann and I both played guitar on. So we had to borrow one from Glenn Branca..." ... he goes on to explain that the guitar's strings were all the same gauge and were all tuned to A -- which he didn't discover until after he took the guitar home!). This also happens to be the earliest known SY instrumental.