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Thurston - guitar/vocals
Kim - bass/vocals
Richard Edson - drums
Ann DeMarinis - keyboards/vocals

Lyrics   status: unconfirmed


Track length: 3:53

First Known Performance: 06/18/81
Last Known Performance:  06/18/81


  • The third song performed at Sonic Youth's third known public appearance, the 1981 Noisefest event organized by Thurston. I suspect that the songs performed during their Noisefest set were leftovers from the Arcadians (aka Red Milk, aka Male Bonding), the pre-SY band featuring Thurston, Kim, Ann DeMarinis, and Dave Keay. They probably taught these songs to Edson when he initially joined, and began working on SY material once Ann left and Lee entered the pictured.
  • This is the track that appeared on the official "Noisefest '81" cassette release, though it received some post-production effects for that tape. The song begins with the trademark plinky drumstick guitar sounds, very similar to "She is Not Alone"... Edson's drums slowly build, and Kim and Ann begin their chanting. About a minute and a half in, the bass enters and the guitar soon drops out to make way for the keyboards, then comes back in later with some pick scrapes. It's hard to compare this to anything else SY have done... it's not altogether that different from their early material but the prominent keyboards and peculiar chanting separate it from their other work. The piece just sort of grooves along, held in place by the bass/drums w/ Thurston and Ann jamming overtop.