Originally Released on:

SONIC YOUTH reissue 2006

also appears on:

  • MIX TAPE #5


Thurston - guitar
Kim - bass
Lee - guitar
Richard Edson- drums



Track length: 5:32

First Known Performance: 09/18/81
Last Known Performance:  09/18/81


  • The much fabled 'Destroyer' finally surfaces! Included in a live set from September 1981 is this somewhat legendary track, first mentioned in the 'Confusion is Next' bio as a song written shortly after [?] the first EP sessions, which required Thurston and Lee to tune all of their strings to slack. I have to admit, that doesn't really fit the description for the track featured on the reissue. It's a standard-tuned, upbeat bass-driven groove. I wonder if there wasn't some literal confusion regarding the book, and/or the reissue's track labeling? As it stands, here's our Destroyer, a previously unheard instrumental that's just one of the many exciting surprises this reissue provided.