Howdy folks, here's some shit I wrote a few years ago...I guess it still (mostly) applies, though I'm sure you've all learned not to expect weekly (or yearly?) updates...regardless, I still like receiving info that helps make the site more complete, whether it's scans of obscure releases, info on some wacky new bootleg, or just things I've missed (and these days, that's much more likely...) ... so, enjoy the site, it captures 1981-2003 quite well, I think, and any assistance in fine tuning the past few years of scattered releases is greatly appreciated...please note my new e-mail....rock! CL

Welcome to yet another Sonic Youth discography! While there are existing discographies online, some very good ones actually (see links for my top picks), my primary complaint with those available was lack of pictures, lack of individual documentation -- with over 20 years of recorded output to catalog, I felt I needed to offer something that satisfied my curiousities. My other SY sites were designed with the intent to share information w/ those who visit -- this time around, I did it primarily to teach myself something. For those who ask "well, do we really need another sonic youth discography?", I hope your question is answered after browsing through the site. There's plenty of unique content here, and more to come...

Prior to investing hours (and actually years -- I began this project back in 2000 and let it lie dormant for a little over a year, which is not exactly uncharacteristic of me) of research into the creation of this page, I really was clueless in the grand scheme of discographical existance. I just knew I wanted to provide a resource that offered isolated information on every release included, from albums to singles to compilations (and there are many, many compilations) to bootlegs to videos, with write-ups on each (some more detailed than others) and, perhaps most importantly, photographs. I wanted to offer more than just thumbnailed images of the covers, but actually attempt to display each release in its entirety. I was curious how vinyl versions differed from CD versions, cassette versions, repressings, foreign pressings, obscure releases of all types -- I wanted people who don't have access to these things to not be deprived of the visuals, the artwork, the packaging. I've provided well over 200 scans from my own (admittedly small, compared to some) collections, and probably 3 times that from other sources. Sonic Youth's recorded history is obviously a vastly impressive body of work, and I hope I've done it justice with this site.

HOWEVER -- naturally, a site like this thrives on input from you. I aim to provide as much information as possible, and each release page features a list of questions and/or missing information I'd like to have submitted. If you have an extensive collection, or even if you don't, but can offer some facts about something included here (or not yet included), please contact me. See "How To Help" for more information. As for those who've already helped, obviously I culled my information from a variety of sources -- these can be viewed in the "Thanks" section.

The site is divided into the following sections:

This site does not include all non-SY side projects by SY members. I'm simply not quite that crazy... but I've provided a few documents in the "other" section which should be very helpful in that area, as well as some links in the "Thanks" section if you desire info on side projects.

NOTE: I've done my best to include all significant versions of all the items featured on this site -- however, I didn't strive to include every single geographical variation for every release, particularly if there was no real difference between each version. Truthfully, origin and catalog numbers are of the least importance to me, but I've done my best to provide accurate information regarding those particular discographic elements -- if I screwed anything up too bad, please let me know.

Please write me if you can help w/ the page, or if you have any comments or questions. The site should be fairly easy to browse, particularly if you find black, white, and grey soothing (I've always been partial to substance over style -- plus, I'm just a terrible web designer). If anything doesn't work quite right, please let me know. Otherwise............. ENJOY!

Chris Lawrence