I've split this section up into 3 parts: T-shirts, Posters, and Miscellaneous. I assume these are fairly self-explanatory, though I will say that 'Posters' applies to promotional posters advertising record releases or pictures of the band for teenagers to hang on their bedroom wall, not gig posters, which are collected in the Concert Chronology. Miscellaneous is just any weird promo item or sticker or badge, whatever... So far I'm not including any books or magazines. I realize a lot of this stuff could just go on the album-specific pages but I figured they deserved to be presented in a truly ugly and awkward lay-out instead. You're welcome!

The T-shirts are roughly chronological, and any of the images I've clearly stolen from Kung Fu Nation can still be purchased there at the time of this writing (4:47 pm).

I realize the thumbnail sizes are insane, but it would take me until 2010 to fix them, so...

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"CONFUSION IS SEX" shirt. lee used to wear a white shirt w/ the same image reversed at SY gigs in the 80s, so both versions existed.

"BAD MOON RISING" shirt. looks a little unofficial but i can't say for sure.
"BAD MOON RISING" long-sleeved shirt w/ "CONFUSION" style "SONIC YOUTH" logo pasted over the cover image, the 'DEATH VALLEY 69' logo on the sleeve, and a picture of Kim on the back w/ the "CRUCIFIXION OF SEAN PENN" lyrics overtop. COOL!!

another picture of the "BAD MOON" long-sleeve along with the "Dancing Kids" long-sleeve shirt with the 1996 "MY SO-CALLED TOUR" European dates on the back.
Three vintage shirts and one new one, clockwise from upper left: red "SONIC NURSE" design, "OVERKILL YR IDOLS" 7" design, some kind of weird paint splatter design I've never seen before, and the classic "EXPRESSWAY" lyrics accompanied by Savage Pencil's art + an 80s band pic.

alternate black version of the "EXPRESSWAY" Savage Pencil design.
This is probably a bootleg, as it contains the back cover art from the "Hallowed Be Thy Name"/"Come and Smash Me" bootleg 7" w/ the "GOO" era "SONIC YOUTH" design pasted overtop.

originally produced by BLAST FIRST! with just the black text, they sold poorly and were given to tannis root to improve upon, as seen here. Winona Ryder appears on this design.
same basic design as above only w/ Uma Thurman on the front.

yeah...so...if anybody has this shirt and wants to make a donation to the site, i can be reached here.

okay, i'm guessing my crazy yellow/green striped one (see below) will have to do. but wow, is this cool! appears to be EVOL-era, given the "SONIC YOUTH" logo.

supercool 'STARPOWER' design!

standard "EVOL" shirt.
extremely rare "FLAMING TELEPATHS" tour shirt from Oct/Nov 1986 tour w/ fIREHOSE.

"SISTER" era shirt with "SISTER INTERVIEW DISC" cover photo.
"SISTER" variations, i saw most of these in the mid-90s so i don't think they're 'original 80s'...

i don't actually know what this is, but it looks to be early-mid 80s.
super rare CICCONE YOUTH shirt w/ the Richard Avedon picture that was removed from "SISTER". wow!

"HOLD THAT TIGER" shirt, featuring the cover from the CD version (text on left, picture on the right) so probably a bootleg...
"DAYDREAM NATION" hoodie featuring '88/'89 tour cities on the back. they later did a version of this sweater to celebrate the 2007 performances of the album (see below).

straight from thurston's arm, "SONIC LIFE" design on black/white. i'd be curious to know when this shirt first appeared, though the 'SMASH THE PMRC' logo on the back of the black one suggests to me that it's GOO era...
white and black variations of "GOO" cover.

"GOO" era w/ one of Raymond Pettibon's images from the "DISAPPEARER" single booklet.
another "GOO" era shirt, though it looks suspiciously unofficial...

"GOO" era w/ Pettibon image of girl (later used for the "GOO" VHS release). Original version had additional Pettibon artwork on the back, reissue does not.
"KOOL THING" black panther design. reissue does not have the back.

"DISAPPEARER" shirt w/ traci lords on front + thurston's handwritten set list from a neil young tour gig on the back.

again, if anybody wants to donate this shirt to the site, i would be happy to accept...

clockwise from top left: "DIRTY" shirt w/ Pacific Rim Tour 1993 dates on the back (mine doesn't have these!) and 'diRty' logo on sleeve, "DISAPPEARER" shirt as above, "GOO" girl as above, and an Ecstatic Peace! Free Kitten shirt.


variations of supercute "DIRTY" bunny shirt. black w/ "GRACIAS" on the back is the original, white is the current reissue.
summer '92 "100%" tour shirt.

variations of "100% DIRTY" design.
long-sleeve & short-sleeve versions of 'cut-out' doll art (a la SUGAR KANE, i believe?)

"DIRTY" era "bomb pop" design (which steve had on his kick drum in '92), my version of this actually has black rings around the neck and sleeves and there's a picture of saturn on the back.
white and maroon variations of bizarre "DIRTY" era comic spaceman design.

flower/astronaut design, is this "DIRTY" era?
"JUDGMENT NIGHT" soundtrack shirt, i can only assume if the resolution was better you could see SY's name on the back.

"NO ALTERNATIVE" compilation promotional shirt.
"BULL IN THE HEATHER" panel from "JET SET" w/ "EJSTNS" title on back.

"EXPERIMENTAL JET SET" shirt, is this official?! looks bizarre...
two different "EXPERIMENTAL JET SET" star designs

"SELF-OBSESSED AND SEXXEE" design with nun from "COTTON CROWN" 7" and image from June '93 NYC poster.
FREE KITTEN 'sexy nurse' design

various LOLLAPALOOZA '95 designs
a dubious "1995 TOUR" long-sleeve featuring a picture of SY straight off a DIRTY poster, w/ the 'WASHING MACHINE' logo on the reverse.

the infamous "WASHING MACHINE" design was printed for each tour in '95/96, with different dates on the back. pictured here: AUSTRALASIAN DEC/JAN '96 + EUROPEAN "MY SO-CALLED TOUR" MARCH/APRIL '96. not pictured: LOLLAPALOOZA or FALL NORTH AMERICA '95. reissues of this shirt feature nothing on the back.
'dancing kids' design in maroon, black version above has 'my so-called tour' 1996 dates so i suspect this is from the same era, but can't confirm.

promotional shirt for "HOMERPALOOZA" episode of the simpsons featuring sonic youth.
shirt from 05/15/96 "RIVER RAVE" show (i have to say, i'm sure there's tons of shirts like this from festivals featuring sonic youth, and i quite honestly don't want to include every single one -- this one and the ones below are just ones i happened to have saved from 2002...

jane birkin design
i always saw this listed as the 'STOCKHAUSEN' design, i'm not sure when it first appeared. some variations.

"SUBURBIA" soundtrack promotional shirt
shirt printed for BECK show on 08/29/97 w/ SONIC YOUTH opening

"SYR1" shirt, though it's probably a bootleg...
a legitimate "SYR" shirt with a unique arabic design, very cool! they should sell these again...

1998 tour shirt w/ "ORIGINAL FOLK BLUES" (the official name i gave this site, for the record) on the back

1998 tour shirt w/ "HITCHHIKER" design
ROCKPALAST shirt from 06/20/98 show

HURRICANE festival shirt from 06/21/98 show
FUJI FEST shirt from 08/01/98 show

"END OF DAYS" soundtrack shirt... i have to admit, this thing makes me laugh. not even the fact that somebody would wear it, but the fact that sonic youth get listed at the very bottom.
"NYC GHOSTS & FLOWERS" tour design

"NYC GHOSTS & FLOWERS" design w/ the DJ & priest from the album art.
"RENEGADE PRINCESS" design, blue and maroon i think, sold on 2000 tour

"SMALL FLOWERS CRACK CONCRETE" design from 2000 tour.
volunteer shirt from 06/09/00 show

shirt from 08/21/00 show
JAPAN 2001 tour design

'vintage' kim bass design circa 2001
kim w/ her brother, image from 'CONFUSION' liners but i think this shirt is from 2001-ish?

i don't remember this design at all, but i think it was available circa 2001?
orange 'CONFUSION' liner design, circa 2000? not sure...

"TAKE A SIP OF SONIC YOUTH" Murray Street tour design
"WAR IS BOGUS" design circa 2002

a very cool SONIC NURSE era design.
boy's and girl's "RATHER RIPPED" design

"RATHER RIPPED" alternate LP sleeve design
portugal ticket design

'heart' design (girls shirt)
'mix tape' design, front and back + blue baby-T

"ANGRY VERY ANGRY", this is actually from a 'JET SET' promo poster that used a 'DIRTY' era image, so how bout that...
pot smoker design (i think?)

In 2007 they started printing a bunch of shirts with various designs taken from early 80s gig posters and pages from Thurston's old "KILLER" zine. This is one containing 4 separate posters (05/03/85, 09/14/83, 07/83, and the standard 'soul girl' image).
design compiled from about 10 different images, all of which can be found in the "SONIC MATTERS, SONIC COLLABORATIONS" book they compiled in 2000 for the exhibit of the same name. most of them are gig posters, advertisements, or bits from the KILLER zine.

poster for 05/03/85 gig w/ cool savage pencil art.
two versions of savage pencil "DEATH VALLEY '69" design.

poster for 02/12/83 gig
"I'D GIVE MY SOUL..." design, and while the picture itself is just a demo pic from kung fu's site, i assure you the actual colours of this shirt are even more offensive than they look. but that image is just so classic, i wear it proudly...

poster for 02/01/85 gig.
classic "DRIFTER" image from the original DAYDREAM NATION promo poster (see below), this was designed for the 2007 'daydream' shows. my version of this is actually orange.

modern 'SONIC LIFE' design for boys and girls
"DAYDREAM NATION" crest shirt, w/ steve's logo on the back.

modern 'DAYDREAM NATION' hoodie design w/ 2007-2008 performance dates.
butterfly fingertip design

shirt specially designed for 07/04/08 NYC gig
another shirt specially designed for 07/04/08 NYC gig

not sure what this is supposed to be, perhaps inspired by SENSATIONAL FIX exhibition...?
'the eternal' t-shirt

shelley duvall w/ no eyes, from eternal tour
'starpower' shirt w/ shiny silver print for 2009 single

taken from 'dirty boots' video shoot, merch prop


two "RATHER RIPPED" posters advertising its release.

double-sided promo poster for "SONIC NURSE".
poster for "IN THE FISHTANK" ep.

a promo poster for the "100%" single.
a poster for the "1991: THE YEAR PUNK BROKE" film.

"EXPERIMENTAL JET SET, TRASH AND NO STAR" poster featuring a dirty era picture of the band. this was also a t-shirt (minus the 'experimental...' text).
promotional posters advertising release dates for "A THOUSAND LEAVES".

a "CONFUSION IS SEX" style poster, though i think it was first manufactured sometime in the 21st century...
a promotional poster for the "DAYDREAM NATION" album and US tour, featuring the infamous drifter guitar.

one of several "DIRTY" poster designs.
another "DIRTY" poster. there was also an enormous poster featuring the cover art + text detailing every format, including the bonus track "STALKER" for the 2xLP.

yet another "DIRTY" poster variation, including a signed copy.
an "EXPERIMENTAL JET SET, TRASH AND NO STAR" poster advertising release date.

promotional poster for "EVOL".
"GOO" promo poster.

another "GOO" promo poster.
and another "GOO" promo poster.

a 'backstage pass' promoting the "HOMERPALOOZA" episode of the simpsons, featuring sonic youth.
double-sided 6"x24" banner advertising "EXPERIMENTAL JET SET, TRASH AND NO STAR" release date.

"EXPERIMENTAL JET SET, TRASH AND NO STAR" poster featuring the 'myth science art' cards from the CD release.

a blacklight "KOOL THING" poster.
ad for "LITTLE TROUBLE GIRL" single.

promotional poster for "MURRAY STREET".
promotional poster for "NYC GHOSTS & FLOWERS". a very similar postcard/sticker also existed.

non-album-specific "SONIC YOUTH" poster (w/ dirty era photo).
the infamous wall-sized "SISTER" promo poster. (not actually wall-sized)

this poster has the same art as the 'MADONNA??!!! HERE???!!! WHERE???!!!' bootleg, so i'm not sure of its origin or legitimacy...
some "WASHING MACHINE" posters (one basically containing proofs of the CD liner, one repeating the washing machine logo).

poster advertising "WASHING MACHINE".


a whole bunch of different buttons, probably not made by the band. you find these things on ebay, most of them are just made using art found on the internet, but as you can see, some of them are pretty cool. i would personally wear that 'screaming fields' one proudly at any occasion!

an 'EXPERIMENTAL JET SET, TRASH AND NO STAR' promotional air freshener!
a 4x4 vinyl sticker, perhaps DIRTY era?

a special pin made for the 10/31/90 san francisco gig.
a promo sheet for THE DIAMOND SEA single

"GOO" bag given out to all attendees of marc jacobs fashion show on 02/08/08 (SY performed 'jams run free' and 'kool thing' while the models worked the runway).
"WASHING MACHINE" promotional clothespins. brilliant!

a very bizarre beach towel, which i also have as a shirt, which portrays 'EXPERIMENTAL JET SET, TRASH AND NO STAR' as some type of 60s dance compilation. it has fake bios for each of the band members on the back, along with phony track credits to lennon/mccartney, roy orbison, etc. it's very elaborate! somebody remind me to photograph the shirt sometime...
some kind of music trading card from the early 90s featuring a cool GOO-era shot with likely many kick-ass facts on the back, which i unfortunately do not have a picture of.

a "DIRTY" postcard.
a part of just one of many unique "DIRTY" promotional stuffed animals, each branded with the "hug me i'm dirty" pin.

a 12x12 double-sided "GOO" promotional flat. also pictured is a 12x12 "EXPERIMENTAL JET SET, TRASH AND NO STAR" promotional flat.

book: "A MUSICAL FEAST", published 1995 - contains recipes from over 100 of the world's most famous musical artists, including SONIC YOUTH.
a "NYC GHOSTS & FLOWERS" era publicity shot.

a signed "DAYDREAM NATION" 12x12 promo flat
a "DIRTY" skateboard, though i'm not sure this is an official item at all...

a "SONIC DEATH" fanzine pin/button/badge, given to subscribers. features steve's icon from daydream.
"GOO" style logo patch

"RATHER RIPPED" promotional earplugs.
"RATHER RIPPED" postcard including a contest to win an autographed copy of the album, by submitting your idea of what the title meant.

"SYR" canvas bag circa '97
a pin from the "DIRTY" tour encouraging voting in the '92 election.

sticker? advertising release date of "A THOUSAND LEAVES".
a "WASHING MACHINE" promotional mobile.

surprisingly official wool cap
"GOO" coffee mug, i also have a "SONIC NURSE" one.

canvas bag w/ 02/12/83 gig poster on it.
skateboard w/ savage pencil 'TEENAGE RIOT' design

visor w/ 'CONFUSION' style logo
canvas bag w/ NYC GHOSTS empire design

SISTER promo sticker

DIRTY mobile