Used by Thurston/Kim/Lee: 2004

  • 2004 -- I Love You Golden Blue, Stones, Unmade Bed, Paper Cup Exit, Rain on Tin


  • Okay, this is a total cheat but I'm using one page for information on SY's acoustic instruments for their October 2004 Bridge Benefit appearance. I just don't have much info to spread around and am not sure if they even used all their own gear or borrowed some for this show.

  • I LOVE YOU GOLDEN BLUE - for the opener, Lee got to play Neil Young's pump organ and Jim used Neil's piano (wow!!). Presumably the first picture is from this song as it's Kim's only vocal in the set, which means that was Thurston's F#F#F#F#EB guitar. I'm really no good at identifying acoustic guitars, and the set list for this show unhelpfully lists 'acoustic' in Thurston's column for all 5 songs. Note that Kim only plays bass for the entire set.

  • STONES/UNMADE BED - the set list indicates Lee used a Martin D35 (in GGDGGA) for these songs, so the picture here is likely of him singing his harmony vocal on 'Stones'. Thurston would have to switch to a CGDGCD guitar for 'Stones' 'Unmade Bed' and 'Rain on Tin'. It's likely that the 2nd picture is of Thurston's CGDGCD guitar, but I can't confirm that. If you can identify his guitars by sight please do! Jim is listed as 'acoustic' for all songs as well, and as he's not pictured, I have no idea what he was using.

  • PAPER CUP EXIT - the set list indicates Lee used a Taylor for this song. Both Lee and Thurston would have to be in EG#EG#EG#. Lee is playing a Martin in the picture seen here, so this is likely not a picture of him singing 'Paper Cup'.

  • RAIN ON TIN - Lee is listed as using a Gibson J50 (in CGDCGD) for this song. No other notes. Sorry!

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