Used by Thurston: 2009?

  • 2009 -- DDAF#AD back-up, or EGDGED


  • In 2008 Fender announced that they would be introducing Sonic Youth custom signature guitars, one for Lee and one for Thurston. Unsurprisingly, both chose a Jazzmaster design. Thurston's is basically a recreation of the green Jazzmaster his tech built for him, and both are electronically stripped to the bare essentials (a volume knob and toggle switch), like the bulk of SY's guitars. The guitars each come with a customized sticker sheet and a very cool zine containing interviews with SY's techs (very informative, with some good gear tips!). Both became available in July 2009.
  • As of the July 2009 tour, he still seemed to favour the original green Jazzmaster and while this one was designated as a back-up, it was in EGDGED when I last saw it. Adjust-o-matic bridge has been replaced with a Mastery bridge.
  • Forest Green Transparent body
  • Satin black headstock
  • Black anodized aluminum pickguard
  • 2 Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups with aged covers
  • Streamlined eletronics - no rhythm circuit, just one volume knob
  • Adjust-o-matic bridge
  • Jumbo frets and 7.25" fretboard radius
  • Vintage style nickel hardware
  • Pickup selector switch 'side to side' instead of up/down
  • Vibrato bar

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