sonic youth concert chronology // the early years
For the most part, these dates have no bearing on Sonic Youth, although the original line-up of Male Bonding/Red Milk/The Arcadians basically morphed into Sonic Youth by May 1981. Former Coachmen drummer Dave Keay left the band before Thurston settled on the Sonic Youth name, and Ann DeMarinis soon followed. It's possible that some (or all) of the Noisefest pieces were Arcadians tunes taught to Richard Edson when he first joined, but once Lee arrived they immediately started working on the first true "Sonic Youth" originals.

DATE          CITY                       VENUE

??/??/7?  	Ann Arbor, MI  		Ann Arbor Film Festival 
05/01/79  	NYC, NY  		CBGB's (Coachmen)
??/??/79  	NYC, NY  		Botany Talk House (Several Coachmen shows there)
??/??/79  	NYC, NY  		Jenny Holzer's Loft (Coachmen)
??/??/79  	NYC, NY  		Maxwell's Kansas City (Coachmen)
??/??/79 	NYC, NY			A's (Many Coachmen gigs there)
12/31/79  	NYC, NY  		A's (Coachmen)
01/27/80  	NYC, NY  		CBGB's (Flucts + Coachmen)
??/??/80  	NYC, NY  		Plugg Club (Coachmen)
??/??/80  	Boston, MA  		Massachusetts College of Art (CKM)
??/??/80  	NYC, NY  		Tier 3 (Rhys Chatham show w. Lee)
12/80 - Lee tours with Glenn Branca's Ascension Band for 3 weeks
12/??/80  	Minneapolis, MN  	Walker Art Center (Branca Ascension Tour w. Lee)
12/??/80  	Valencia, CA  		California Institute of Arts (Branca Ascension Tour)
12/08/80  	San Francisco, CA  	? (Branca Ascension Tour w. Lee)
12/??/80  	Denver, CO  		? (Branca Ascension Tour w. Lee)
12/??/80  	Houston, TX  		? (Branca Ascension Tour w. Lee)
12/17/80  	NYC, NY  		A's (Red Milk)
01/14/81  	NYC, NY  		CBGB's (Arcadians)
01/20/81  	NYC, NY  		Inroads (Arcadians)
03/81 - Lee tours Europe in early '81 with Plus Instruments
03/??/81  	Rome, Italy  		? (Plus Instruments)
03/??/81  	Amsterdam, Holland  	? (Plus Instruments)
03/11/81  	NYC, NY  		CBGB's (Arcadians)
??/81 - Lee tours Europe w. Branca's Ascension band
??/??/81  	Roma, Italy  		? (Branca's Ascension tour w. LR)
06/20/81  	NYC, NY  		White Columns (Lee w. Branca @ Noisefest)
06/??/81  	NYC, NY 		White Columns (Lee w. David Linton @ Noisefest)