May 30th, 2016

Remember that thing I said about this site being a book? Here's the third edition. Start here and move forward, or just browse around and see what you find. Stay tuned for a brand new SCREAMING FIELDS OF SONIC LOVE hyperstation information communication soon! -- Chris Lawrence

April 13th, 2007

Consider this site a book. A reference material, navigated by a mouseclick rather than the turn of a page. Originally published in 2002, it carefully documented hundreds of songs performed, recorded, and released by Sonic Youth during their first 20 years as a band. Now, five years later, a revised and expanded edition of this book is available. Almost 80 new tracks, with nearly 280 entries featuring some type of revision or addition, including full details on 'Sonic Nurse' 'Rather Ripped', the deluxe reissues, the soundtracks, the mixtapes, and more. Free of charge, just follow your mouse. Cheers! -- Chris Lawrence