Originally Released on:


also appears on:

  • Goo Demos (demo)
  • Goo video (music video)
  • Goo deluxe reissue 2CD/4LP
  • Corporate Ghost DVD

Thurston - guitar/scream
Kim - bass
Lee - guitar
Steve - drums



Track length: 2:13

First Known Performance: 08/16/90
Last Known Performance:  04/23/01


  • Working title: "Blow Job?"
  • One of the first songs Sonic Youth ever wrote. In fact, it's in standard tuning. Lee mentions it in a 1984 Forced Exposure interview: "We've got other songs, like 'Mildred Pierce,' that could be strictly commercial."
  • Thurston's scream on the LP version is actually lifted directly from the original demo (released on the "Goo Demos" CD).
  • Name taken from the Joan Crawford film "Mildred Pierce".
  • Performed live in August 1990 specifically for the Dave Markey directed video. Sophia Coppola also appears.
  • Ignored for the next 11 years, Mildred Pierce randomly made its third known appearance on 4/23/01.
  • The demo version, "Blow Job?", is over 8 minutes long.
  • On the Corporate Ghost DVD commentary, Dave Markey talks about a one-off band he threw together with Thurston to do covers, and one of the songs Thurston suggested was a very early Sonic Youth tune called "Mildred Pierce", and that they did play it live. Following this, Sonic Youth brought the song back for the Goo sessions.