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  • Goo deluxe reissue 2CD/4LP

Thurston - guitar/howl
Kim - bass
Lee - guitar
Steve - drums

Lyrics   status: confirmed!


Track length: 8:47 (Goo Demos) 8:52 (Goo Deluxe)

First Known Performance: n/a
Last Known Performance:  n/a


  • "Mildred Pierce" 8-track demo recorded in November 1989 @ Waterworks in NYC.
  • Thurston's scream on the LP version was taken directly from this demo.
  • The demo runs nearly 9 minutes long. After they finish the song (at its normal length), they pick it up again, but Thurston can be heard saying something like "you can fade it out right here..". Despite that, the track continues thru another rendition of the song, without any screaming at the end. After a brief noisy period, one guitar begins the main riff again, the bass picks up, and the drums and second guitar enter. This pretty much dissolves into another noisy passage immediately though (during which one of the guitars plays the "standard tuning scale" that's also featured on Computer Age and Burning Farm). The last four minutes of the track are noise.
  • Some bootlegs of the Goo Demos feature an edit of the demo instead of the full length version (the track is faded or cut after Thurston's howl).
  • Blow Job? was the half-serious proposed title for Goo for a while.
  • The Waterworks demos were all remixed by Jim O'Rourke & SY for the 2005 Goo deluxe reissue. In many cases, the difference is significant.