Originally Released on:


also appears on:

  • Daydream Nation deluxe reissue (LP + live)
  • Mix Tape #8 (early version)

Thurston - guitar
Kim - bass
Lee - guitar/vocals
Steve - drums

Lyrics   status: confirmed

Rain King in chains has nowhere to go
His jetstream daydream cocksure hardluck show
His lips a fountain, his daylight sparks
He's a shotgun schoolyard
Streetwise white hot kid
With a whipcreem phonecall breakdown
Rain King fist
His mind a countdown, his daydream sparks

I need three years to clear these thoughts, hey
I'd like to say I knew one true thing
It feels like years and all I've done is fought
And not turned up anything

Let the black day glow and roll over my bed
I'm waiting here for some reality crease
There's one big dead end in my head
And not a moment of peace

Crossfire Rain King with his Cadillac kid
Marries every dictionary from his trainyard bliss
His lips a fountain, his daylight sparks
Scattershot image king fortunate wheel when?
Keeps a steel drum wedding ring
Pontiac doorknob tent
His mind a countdown, his daylight sparks

Hung up on the speed king nation
Caught up on a nail
Hangin' tight with time, at least a little while
Yr sister is a beauty when she's naked
Like my kid
Out here in this whirlpool world
Dreamin' of a pitchfork kiss

Track length: 4:39

First Known Performance: 06/09/88
Last Known Performance:  02/23/08


  • Working title: "UBU/Mellencamp"
  • Lee's third song on Daydream, seldom played live. Early June '88 versions had radically different lyrics + vocal delivery.
  • An early instrumental version of this song was released as "Su Nioj".
  • Brief footage of them performing this song appears in the documentary 'Put More Blood in the Music'.


  • On Mix Tape #8 - EARLY VERSION - 4:19

    Early instrumental version probably recorded mid '88.

  • On "Daydream Nation" deluxe disc - LIVE - 4:07

    Recorded "live" with no audience on 08/88 in NYC.