Originally Released on:

DEAD CITY RADIO (William Burroughs)

also appears on:

  • GOO deluxe reissue 2CD/4LP




Track length: 1:17

First Known Performance: none
Last Known Performance:  none


  • Some crazy noise for Burroughs' solo LP. A remixed version was included on the Goo deluxe reissue.
  • Aaron Mullan writes: ‘Dr. Benway’s House’ was originally recorded for William Burroughs’ ‘Dead City Radio’ album during the Goo sessions. The song had been mixed twice with Hal Willner and Joe Ferla. The band listened to the two mixes and chose the ‘more piano’ version which had not previously been released.
  • Per Goo deluxe liners: "It's basically a 16-track loop," says Lee. "We started recording on one track, and we had a tape stretching across the room. I think Hal Wilner [Dead City Radio producer] was even in the room while we were making it." "We put it together at Sorcerer," says Steve. "Then Lee and I ran it over to wherever Hal was mixing. We did a couple passes mixing all the sounds that were piled on, and that became the track."