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also appears on:

  • Suburbia soundtrack (alternate version)
  • Sunday single (edit)
  • Corporate Ghost DVD
  • 05/28/98 "LIVE IN LOS ANGELES 1998"

  • Universal Vorverkauf
  • Hit Disc Radio
  • De Afrekening 16
  • Zoo Magazine CD Sampler 14

Thurston - guitar/vocals
Kim - bass
Lee - guitar
Steve - drums

Lyrics   status: confirmed

Sunday comes alone again
A perfect day for a quiet friend
And you - you will set it free

I see new morning 'round your face
Everybody says it's another phase
And now - now it's come to me

I see the magic in your eyes
I see it come as no surprise
And you - you turn your eyes away
Yeh you - you turn it all away

I guess it's true it's never too late
Still I don't know what to do today
Oh why can't I set you free
Will you do the same for me

Sunday comes and Sunday goes
Sunday always seems to move so slow
To me - and here she comes again
A perfect ending to a perfect day
A perfect ending what can I say
To you - lonely Sunday friend
With you - Sunday never ends

Track length: 4:52

First Known Performance: 11/23/96 (probably) 08/29/97 (confirmed)
Last Known Performance:  07/03/06


  • An earlier version which is much longer and spacier was released on the Suburbia soundtrack in 1997.
  • The first (and only) single from A Thousand Leaves. A brutal radio edit was released, but the video thankfully contains a more gracious edit. The video also features Macaulay Culkin, and was directed by Harmony Korine. Apparently Thurston was being interviewed, and was asked who would direct the first video. He was unsure, but happened to glance at an ad for "Gummo" (Korine's directorial debut) and said that they hoped to get Harmony Korine.
  • Performed on the Late Show with David Letterman on June 17th, 1998.
  • Also performed on Recovery (an Australian television show) on October 10th, 1998.
  • And again, on the French show Nulle Part Ailleurs on February 8th, 1999.
  • And finally, on 7º de caballería on February 15th, 1999.
  • The main riff/rhythm for this song was undoubtedly borrowed from "Skeleton" by Helium, one of Thurston's favourite bands.


  • Suburbia version

  • On "Sunday" single - EDIT - 3:15

    A rather brutal edit, with the guitar intro completely excised and a fair amount of the instrumental removed. Note that the video features a slightly longer 3:57 edit, with the guitar intro intact and only the instrumental section shortened. Also note that when the song was performed on Letterman, they had to manually shorten the song to fit the show's 3-and-a-half minute clause (SY's June '98 performance of Sunday on the Late Show with David Letterman clocked in at about 3:22, with the full guitar intro, less jam time before the verse, a drastically shortened instrumental, and an overall faster tempo).