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also appears on:

  • The Diamond Sea single (edit/alt ending)
  • Little Trouble Girl single (alt ending)
  • Corporate Ghost DVD
  • The Destroyed Room (alt ending)
  • 11/15/95 "LIVE IN AUSTIN 1995"

  • Back To School (radio edit)
  • CMJ New Music November - Volume 27 (radio edit)
  • Generationext Music by Pepsi (radio edit)

Thurston - guitar/vocals
Kim - bass
Lee - guitar
Steve - drums

Lyrics   status: confirmed

Time takes its crazy toll
And how does your mirror grow
You better watch yourself when you jump into it
Cuz the mirror's gonna steal your soul

I wonder how it came to be my friend
That someone just like you has come again
You'll never, never know how close you came
Until you fall in love with the diamond rain

Throw all his trash away
Look out he's here to stay
Your mirror's gonna crack when he breaks into it
And you'll never, never be the same

Look into his eyes and you can see
Why all the little kids are dressed in dreams
I wonder how he's gonna make it back
When he sees that you just know
It's make believe

Blood crystalized to sand
And now I hope you understand
You reflect into his looking glass soul
And now the mirror is your only friend

Look into his eyes and you will see
That men are not alone on the diamond sea
Sail into the heart of a lonely storm
And tell her that you'll love her eternally

Time takes its crazy toll
Mirror fallin' off the wall
You better look out for the looking glass girl
Cuz she's gonna take you for a fall

Look into his eyes and you shall see
Why everything is quiet and nothing's free
I wonder how he's gonna make her smile
When love is running wild on the diamond sea

Track length: 19:35

First Known Performance: 04/27/95
Last Known Performance:  11/23/96


  • As a 'reminder' on early set lists, "new neil-esque" was written in brackets, presumably a reference to Neil Young..
  • The first single from Washing Machine. Single and video feature a 5 minute radio edit.
  • This "edit" was also performed on The Late Show w/ David Letterman on September 22nd, 1995.
  • And performed again on The State, 10/20/95.
  • The video is culled from live footage, presumably taken on the Lollapalooza tour, but don't quote me on that. It's also worth noting that the cities and venues that pop up in the video are places not played on the tour, and some never played by SY at all! The video begins with live footage of SY about to perform the Diamond Sea, said to be filmed in Las Vegas (but really from Mountain View).
  • Still the longest original track to appear on a Sonic Youth album (some SYR pieces like Radio-Amatoroj and Four6 exceed it though).
  • The single also features an alternate version of the studio track, with a longer ending (25 minutes!).


  • Alt. Ending version

  • On "Diamond Sea" single - EDIT - 5:15

    Radio edit (you can guess what was cut), also used in the video.

  • On "Washing Machine" 2xCD - LIVE - ?

    Recorded live on 9/12/95 in Paris, France @ Elysee Montmartre.