Used by Thurston/Kim: 1983

  • 1983 -- GGDDD#D# (Brother James, Kill Yr Idols - THURSTON) (Inhuman, The Good and the Bad - KIM)
  • 1984 -- GGDDD#D# (Brother James, Kill Yr Idols)


  • This guitar was acquired in 1983 and its wild vibrato bar was responsible for the conception of "Kill Yr Idols". At some point the guitar fell apart/was smashed onstage, and its remains were given away years later in a contest featured in the "Sonic Death" zine (the lucky "real" big winner was some dude named Jeff).
  • I'm guessing this was still used in 1984 although no recordings containing the Kill Yr Idols songs have surfaced, the guitar is listed on an '84 set list...
  • White body
  • 2 gold pickups
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Crazy trem bar
  • "Reagan Death" bumper sticker
  • Listed as "REAGAN DEATH GTR" on '84 set

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