Used by Thurston/Kim: 1983-1985

  • 198? -- ? (likely used earlier)
  • 1983 -- EGEF#GG (World Looks Red, She's in a Bad Mood, Early American -- THURSTON) (Shaking Hell - KIM)
  • 1984 -- F#F#F#F#EB (Brave Men Run, Society is a Hole, Death Valley '69 - THURSTON)
  • 1985 -- F#F#F#F#EB (Brave Men Run, Death Valley '69 - THURSTON)


  • One of SY's earliest guitars. I'm pretty sure this is the 'KNOX GUITAR' on the early 80s 'instruments used' list that serves as the wallpaper for the front page of this website. Check out this Knox guitar and compare it to SY's -- same goldfoil pickups, same tailpiece/spring shape, etc. There's very few pictures of Knox guitars online, but the ones I found all had the same pickups, headstock shading, etc as this guitar.
  • Sunburst body
  • 2 silver single coil pickups
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • White pickguard
  • 2 knobs
  • Covered in white duct tape

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