04/02/85 - Rotterdam, Netherlands @ Lantaren

Date: Tuesday, April 2nd, 1985
City: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Venue: Lantaren
Death Valley '69
Brave Men Run
I Love Her All The Time
Ghost Bitch
I'm Insane
Brother James
Kill Yr Idols
Satan Is Boring 

  • As I long speculated, the "Satan Is Boring (supermix)" track featured on some versions of the Flower 12" is indeed taken from this show, or at least half of it is (the left speaker contains this version, the right speaker contains a version taken from 04/26/85). For this performance, Kim reads an extended portion of Kathy Acker's "Blood and Guts in High School" (apparently Kathy was supposed to appear at the show and did not). Thurston sings the entirety of 'Green Light' during the beginning of "Satan is Boring", many months before they premiered it as a song with Steve. Actually, this seems to be all he really sings in this version!


    T: "Hey uh, we're called Sonic Youth and I don't know how many people know this but Kathy didn't show up...she's not here. Nobody knows where she is. So if anybody out there knows where Kathy is, you should uh.. probably uh.. keep it to yourself. I mean is everybody into, like, Kathy? I mean, we have a book of hers up here, we could probably, like, read a page out of it, if you wanna hear it...otherwise, we'll just like, we'll play some songs... some songs that we wrote. If you're gonna all stand in front of these things, you'll probably get really blown out, so I'd be.. you better careful of that. The best place is probably like, right..." [quiet stage talk between lee and thurston] "This is Kathy's book. So, I'll leave this like, right here."
    L: "If you want to you can come up and rip a few pages out to take home with you."
    T: "When we see her, we're gonna see her probably when we get back to London, and um...and we'll kill her."
    - Halloween
    - Death Valley '69 [w/ brief lee-vox]
    - Intro
    T: "1 2 3 4!"
    - Brave Men Run
    - Death Valley '69
    [walkman plays 'we belong' by pat benatar]
    - I Love Her All The Time
    - Ghost Bitch
    - I'm Insane
    T: "1 2 3 4!"
    - Brother James
    T: "Okay thanks, this is the last song!"
    - Kill Yr Idols
    T: "Thanks a lot, we'll see you later."
    [encore break]
    T: "For those of you that were clapping, thanks a lot. Uh, we'll probably do another song. Uh, you can probably tell that we're kinda lackluster tonight, but I dunno, it's just the way it is. This is a song about falling in love in Rotterdam. It goes like this. This is what it sounds like. This is a record that we uh, that we put out. It's the only one I got here, but anybody can have it."
    - Satan is Boring (first lyrics: "I kneel before the green light of her singing crayon eyes, and then I kiss her stomach and it's then I realize, her light is the night, I see a green light, I see a green light, I see a green light, I see a green light, I see a green light." later, shouting: "GREEEEN LIGHT!!" over and over // Lee can be heard giving instructions to the soundman: "bring up my guitar on this side..where is it? where's my guitar? [??indecipherable??] channel my guitar [??] yeh, bring it up really loud.. what? [??] i can't hear ya! turn off the stage lights! and put some effect on the tape! put a very long delay or something on it!" // then thurston starts again w/ the green light lyrics, while lee(?) is moaning loudly over tape loops and bob's drumming // then Kim starts in with the Kathy Acker reading: "she dreams she's fucking someone...")
    T: "Goodnight. Thanks for coming down."
    [guy near microphone: "Was he angry or something? The guitar player, when he came here? I mean.. why did he came here?" then the soundman or whomever asks him not to speak english and they continue the conversation in a language i don't understand (the term 'effect' is used, that's all i can tell you -- i guess referring to lee talking to the soundman--i assume--earlier in the track)."]


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