04/26/85 - Aylesbury, UK @ Fryers

Society Is a Hole 
Death Valley '69 
I Love Her All The Time 
Ghost Bitch 
Satan is Boring 
Brother James 
Kill Yr Idols 

  • Emmanuel Tremblay elaborates on the set: "They start with the only version of Society Is A Hole on this tour. They play a poor and fast version of 'Halloween' which is aborted in the middle. Kim says they will take a break for some technical problems. The recording starts back with 'I love her all the time' which is also fast. The last part of the show contains a long 15 minute version of 'Satan is Boring'. There's a noise jam for a couple of minutes that segues into the song after 'Ghost Bitch'. Then, over the usual guitar loop of 'Satan is Boring', Thurston sings 'I see a green light' with Kim and Bob playing something similar to Flower. The real 'Satan is Boring' starts about seven minutes into the song and it is a noisy and wild version much different than the original."

  • This is the version used in the right speaker on the "Satan is Boring (supermix)", with 04/02/85 in the left.


  • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

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