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Originally Posted by The Soup Nazi
A GLITCH you say... Hmmm... Gonna have to check that out. I also have an original tape (can't remember the hand-drawn number at the moment; it's five hundred and something out of 550) and I don't remember my FLAC version having a glitch... My files sound great, by the way. Which, come to think of it, is probably a paradox!

Yes, unfortunately all circulating FLAC copies I've found seem to have a glitch on track 5 at around the 2 minute mark I suspect this is from improper digital storage or burning and re-ripping. Would you be willing to trade for your Exile FLACs? I used to have a great copy that I grabbed off Demonoid in FLAC years ago, but the torrent is long dead. And do you have any other PG shows you'd like to trade with me? I'm looking especially for Rockfabrik, Ubach Germany, Feb 1st 1988.

Thanks so much for your time

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