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Robert Schunk 01.30.2013 03:06 AM

Can You Help Me Get A Job With Our Beloved US Department of Homeland Security?
By now, you all know of my love for the government of the United States of America, at least to the point that you're thoroughly aware of the fact that I, now (and for most of my long life) resident within the City of Providence, Providence Plantations, State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, have never proven myself, in the slightest degree, disloyal to any political entity which has ever enjoyed uncontested reign de jure Anglorum over my current locality prior to 4 May, 1776. (No, that's no typo! 4 MAY 1776 accords with my meaning upon this point.)

That should certainly entitle me to employment within the United States Department of Homeland Security. I would SO very much love to spread the message of joy and safety which the excellent government of the tiny minority within my own State which actually supported the American Revolution has since enjoined upon all of us whether or not we so desired.


OK, so this video ends with the slogan "The answer for 1984 is 1776", which might not exactly lie within my sphere of historical understanding that the true answer to 1984 is, actually, 1066 (which battle is NOT yet decided!!!!), but it's good enough for me for the time being.

So, here's the video which clearly shows the reason for my rejection, not only of so-called American "gun rights", but of the English right of castle, and of the Iron age ritual of MY OWN ANCESTORS carrying their spears with them into the hustings upon the Day as an indication that their duty to bear arms was the flip side of their right of franchise. This unbelievably antiquated concept likely explains why the English language is so little used throughout the world today.





gast30 01.30.2013 06:40 AM

stop living in the ghosts of the past

gast30 01.30.2013 06:56 AM

what part don't you realize of the world

old europeans started a genocide with slaugtering indians
then they started to slave africans

and what are you doing today?

forming a militia that protects the richdom of oil bosses, or oil hieraches

did i see 1 american or 1 european soldier that stopped the genocide in europe > youguslavia

answer is NO

accept the thruth = stay realistic, stay in reality

did i see 1 american or 1 european soldier in poor country conflicks in africa?

answer is NO

so, what is going on then?

i tell you what is going on?

the american army is all the way up in the middle east and straight around the saudi-oil fields

american army is nothing more the a group of people that protect the flow of oil coming from saudi arabia

the americans ( american army) themself turned into slaves of arab oil lords

the americans ( american army ) turned into slaves of the arab oil lords

shame on your intelligent of your poor ape brain if you are a slave of these ape-power systems

gast30 01.30.2013 07:01 AM

what the fuck is the american army doing in saudy arabia?

protecting oil

who is this oil from?

arabian oil lords

why can arabian oil lords not protect their own oil?

go and protect your own oil and don't ask an army to travell 10.000 miles to protect YOUR OIL

gast30 01.30.2013 07:05 AM

what is the future for
to stay slaves of rich people

wake uuuupppp free walking ape
you are the future

gast30 01.30.2013 07:30 AM

even on my weak ape leggs (mental state) i don't buy this ape planet

empires, institutions, countries and nations
it never existed

it where all ideas that came out of animal brains

it WAS just an idea of living together

humans have proven that they don't have the capacity to live together in small terretories

so you can erase the dream of living world wide together

or work towards the dream of all living free world wide
without religious powers, without political (industrial, multinational, banks / financial ) powers

the basic reason that there is abuse of these powers is that the road to live independent, to freely get your food and water out of nature
and have a free sleeping place, yeah that free natural road all other animals still enjoy, is abused by power psychose of a walking ape

every family can freely take what the earth gives

instead of walking in an experiment with chipped animals ( humans with their digital passports )

gast30 01.30.2013 07:51 AM

the earth is the birth place of evolution that provides devellopment for all kinds of animals

the fight for terretory and resources, like food and water
is something that is alive in all animals

if humans have the IQ to share all resources
then humans have an IQ of their own animal behaviour
positivily changed for humans
survival of their own DNA-group

gast30 01.30.2013 07:55 AM

i am also very realistic and don't see all humans who are now in an OVERPOPULATION of 7 billion humans

that there will be a sharing of water and food

the prices of food and water, sleepplace are going up

the rich abuse the situation to squeeze more money out of the 7 billion people
instead of helping and sharing world wide in this critical overpopulation

gast30 01.30.2013 08:01 AM

robert shrunk you have to destroy the borders
destroy the lies
live together with 7 billion people on 1 united planet
united in peace, love, friendship, brothers, sisters planet
where the world is a united family of brother and sisters

destroy the borders
destroy the lies

live together in total freedom

floatingslowly 01.30.2013 10:09 AM

I've always found the people at DHS friendly and helpful, except when I tried to smuggle a knife into their secured facility...

!@#$%! 01.30.2013 10:30 AM


Originally Posted by Robert Schunk


tesla69 01.30.2013 12:16 PM

I do recommend growing a small moustache, not much wider than your nose.

You might also consider some specialized training

Whatever you do, understand your life as being a full human is over. You will now be required to be an insect.

gast30 01.30.2013 12:23 PM

these goverment momy and dady play is insaine

Keeping It Simple 01.30.2013 01:36 PM

I always have an epiphany when I read gast30s posts.

tesla69 01.31.2013 03:38 PM

Robert, maybe you migth consider ATF? Sounds like there are lots of opportunities for a forward thinking person such as yourself.

If you have a little time and strong stomach, check this story out from milwaukee.

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