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tesla69 01.24.2013 01:33 PM

new Broadcast album
has anyone heard the new Broadcast album, part of it was recorded with Trish and then finished more recently

SYRFox 01.24.2013 04:40 PM

it's incredible

tesla69 02.11.2013 01:16 PM

This is a good one. The screams are chilling!

This is #5 at J&R Music World this week.

!@#$%! 02.11.2013 02:13 PM

i'm lissening to it on spotty-fried and it's AWESOME.

Severian 02.12.2013 07:08 AM

Great album so far. Really haven't been able to get enough Broadcast over the years.

stu666 02.12.2013 02:18 PM

Love it

E. Noisefield 02.12.2013 07:57 PM

I wish there was more of it. Listened to it for first time today and it seemed to go by in about half a minute. So good though

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