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tesla69 12.12.2012 10:23 AM

USA Fascists making moves
In cities across the United States, government officials are installing sophisticated audio surveillance equipment on public buses, according to a report released on Monday.
Documents obtained by The Daily indicated that at least seven cities throughout the United States were installing surveillance systems capable of capturing riders’ conversations in addition to the video already being captured by existing systems.
“This is very shocking,” University of Pennsylvania privacy law expert Anita Allen told The Daily. “It’s a little beyond what we’re accustomed to. The adding of the audio seems more sensitive.”
While transit agencies say that the system is intended to enhance saftey and resolve passenger complaints, experts have warned that the technology could easily be misused.
“Given the resolution claims, it would be trivial to couple this system to something like facial or auditory recognition systems to allow identification of travelers,” security consultant Ashkan Soltani explained after reviewing the specifications of one system. “This technology is sadly indicative of a trend in increased surveillance by commercial and law enforcement entities, under the guise of improved safety.”
For example, the system requested in Eugene, Oregon is expected to have five audio channels on each bus and be “capable of distilling clear conversations from the background noise of other voices, wind, traffic, windshields wipers and engines,” The Daily reported.
Systems are also planned in San Francisco, California; Traverse City, Michigan; Columbus, Ohio; Hartford, Connecticut; Columbus, Ohio and Baltimore, Maryland.
“It’s one thing to post cops, it’s quite another to say we will have police officers in every seat next to you, listening to everything you say,” Washington University School of Law professor Neil Richards explained, adding that the surveillance was like having “a policeman in every seat with a photographic memory who can spit back everything that was said.” Story (

gast30 12.12.2012 01:41 PM

the basic of this is about the use of 'things'

it can be everthing

it is something that is combinated with a 'human'/homo sapian
wich is from nature unstable because of it's primitive origin and the long way this evolution has gone trough

if the technology, in this case, is used good then there is ofcourse no problem
this can be support

if this technology is used for the wrong purposes then you have another problem or serious problem with all dangers that this can bring

for example the use of the internet
the most extreem dangerous people are online have their websites

the internet is few year online and it already full with god nows what for crazyness

this is the perfect example of the wrong use of 'things'

i say: moderntechnology for modern people in modern times

tools are made to be usefull and help us along the way
help with the devellopment for a better world for everyone world wide, your human family

tesla69 01.17.2013 01:11 PM

This is not democracy - this is a criminal state protecting itself

Robert Schunk 01.18.2013 02:19 PM


Originally Posted by tesla69
This is not democracy - this is a criminal state protecting itself

I think you've got it! By George you've got it!

tesla69 01.18.2013 05:22 PM

gestapo: "we blurred out their faces because they also work undercover"
listen to this fucking puff piece. black coats like the SS! The Nazi's never gave up, they just gave up on Germany.

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