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Bytor Peltor 11.18.2017 09:25 AM

Malcolm Youn AC/DC Dead At 64
Malcolm Young died Saturday in Australia. He had been suffering from dementia the past few years.

Middle School me was all about AC/DC. No doubting the greatness of, Highway To Hell and Back In Black......Powerage and Flick Of The Switch are the two I played the most......and, Let There Be Rock.

As we grow older, more and more of the greats will keep passing away......Ride On Malcolm!!!

h8kurdt 11.18.2017 11:39 AM

Angus might get all the plaudits but it was absolutely Malcolm who was the backbone of that band.

The fact that he got dementia is heartbreaking. No one should have to go through that fucker of a disease.

Severian 11.18.2017 12:20 PM

I have a friend who’s an AC/DC obsessive, and insists that Malcom Young was in fact a superior guitarist to Angus, and that he’s the one who actually played some of their most beloved riffs on record. I don’t know a thing about it, but I guess I’ll believe him unless corrected.

I’ve definitely not an AC/DC fan, and I’m not usually the guy to talk to about heavy metal or classic rock in general unless it’s weird stuff, but I’m still saddened by this.


Very sad that it was dementia-related. Can’t imagine many more painful ways to go, for the individual and those around him. Very sad indeed.

“Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap)” is a legitimately bonkers song, and I admire the balls on anyone who can fit caveman grunting onto a record and not have it turn into a complete embarrassment. So I’ll listen to that today in honor of Mr. Young.

tesla69 11.30.2017 10:38 PM

Matt Valentine‏ @MVEEGoldenRoad Nov 18
1st movie I ever saw alone in the theatre without parents or friends was LET THERE BE ROCK when it was released

greenlight 12.04.2017 01:44 AM


!@#$%! 12.05.2017 08:23 PM

i’ve loved ac/dc since infancy. great fucking band. the opening of “live wire” is forever etched in my mind.

these days i use an ac/dc playlist to practice drums. true story. it’s just a practice pad but hey. great teachers.

i think that death can be a great blessing—especially when your mind is gone

ride on indeed!

thank you for everything

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