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Robert Schunk 11.07.2017 09:46 AM

Saturday's Demonstration in Boston
Saturday I observed a demonstration in Boston organized by a coalition called "Refuse Fascism" upon the demand: "This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!". The idea is that the demonstrations are to continue "day after day and night after night until our demand is met" beginning Saturday (November 4 it begins!).

The right-wing alternative press has stated that he demonstrations were to have been led by Antifa and were to have been violent and seditious in intent, but that was not the case, with the actions having been specifically billed as "non-violent protest". A couple of masked people were there. but none spoke so far as I am aware (although I was away from Boston Common for about 20 minutes for a smoke break, and the sound system was a little on the wimpy side, so I cannot be certain). From what I saw, both the cops and the kids were well-behaved, and the only tense moment was when the march began and the cops were making sure the marchers didn't intend to block the intersection of Boylston and Tremont as Antifa did last time.

There were perhaps eighty protestors there, and the rally at Parkman Bandstand in Boston Common. billed as beginning at 4:00PM, actually began at 4:10, with the march beginning at 5:25. The march went from the headhouse of Boylston Street subway station, down Boylston to Washington, then down Washington to Bromfield, then down Tremont to Summer, , then down Summer to Washington and continuing the loop thus established. The march was not permitted, but as everyone stayed on the sidewalk (save for the section on Bromfield Street which is totally dead at that time anyways, so no disruption occurred) no laws were substantially violated.

The only real problem I had with the demonstration was their reference to the Trump/Pence administration as "illegitimate", which, seeing as it was installed in accordance with the Constitution, leads me to wonder what their criteria for legitimacy might be.

!@#$%! 11.07.2017 09:59 PM

by “illegitimate” they mean “i do not like it and i’m spoiled because i’m used to getting my way always and denial is the longest river in africa.” it’s a tantrum.

the orange fucker won. he really won. it was a weird cosmic alignment but it was as far as we can tell a legitimate election—his demagoguery speaking to white working class discontent on one end, hilary’s vapid anticharisma on the other, the russians buying facebook ads but that’s neither here nor there, and blam, it happened, he got elected, and now he grabs america by the pussy.

shocking, sure, but some people have a problem with reality on a regular basis—imagine the cognitive dissonance when things go really against them. they’ve flipped out, and their demonstration is just a source of psychological comfort—people seeking the company of others who share the same alternate reality.

tesla69 11.13.2017 09:26 PM

I've always felt sidewalk marches are stupid and just annoy other people not participating. From some of the language the radicals are using e.g., "illegitimate" "Regime Must Go!", sound like they are reading 70's 3rd world marxist texts. "Regime" is not an North American word.

Bytor Peltor 11.14.2017 12:44 AM

Great report, Robert......thx for sharing.

Hard to believe that many are gullible, such a waste of time.

tesla69 11.20.2017 07:00 PM

some media coverage - seriously, why would you would bring little children to a situation like that?

Robert Schunk 11.21.2017 09:30 AM


Originally Posted by tesla69
some media coverage - seriously, why would you would bring little children to a situation like that?

That's actually a different demo (this past Saturday, whereas the one I started this thread over occurred two weeks earlier). That's OK, as I attended the one your link concerns as well, so here goes ...

I estimate the crowd of counter-demonstrators at slightly fewer than 200 (not "hundreds"), of whom the majority seemed to be from Jews For Justice In Palestine, and most of the rest from Antifa. The rally began with a Bernie Sanders supporter telling the audience that the organizers believed in free speech and were allowing him to speak even though they disagreed with his leftism. Other speakers denounced white supremacism as an attempt to deny minorities their Constitutional rights. At the end of the rally, the counter-demonstrators were invited to send a representative to speak, but noone took them up on the offer. I witnessed an altercation between counter-demonstrators and the police from a distance, but didn't really see very much, so I can't comment on who started what.

After the main rally at Parkman Bandstand, the rally adjourned to the statehouse steps at Park and Beacon, where I got to see the free speech proponents up close. One guy that caught my attention (considering my own Prussian ancestry) was carrying a Prussian flag, wearing a Prussian helmet, and carrying a sign reading "Make Germany Prussia Again!" The Antifa people tried to crash the second rally, but were blocked by police using their bikes as barricades. With the second rally finished, everyone went home.

One thing worth noting was a rally off to the side of the main event by the Progressive Labor Party, who were calling for class struggle. Although I have no sympathy for that hard-line Stalinist group, they seemed to share my sensitivity to the bourgeois liberal bent of the so-called "far left" of today.

tesla69 11.21.2017 09:54 PM

thanks for correcting me on that, Robert, and your write-up.

I lived in Boston for a few years in the 80s and I just have a hard time with even this much social disruption - Whitey Bulger would have nipped all this in the bud.

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