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I’m supposed to edit some live footage I’ve recorded of Sonic Youth as content for sonicyouth.com and am interpreting the task relatively freely.

I WOULD MAKE THE DANCES. JOHN WOULD WRITE THE MUSIC. is comprised of treated footage from SY’s 2010 Prospect Park show in NYC. I’ve pulled every clip documenting the musicians’ feet (mostly re-zoomed and therefore, degraded, footage) to choreograph the sort of dance discussed in the overdubbed dialogue. I imagined the physical movement inherent to live rock performance as a pure, contemporary extension of the classical Indian Sangita discussed by John Cage–Sangitas being visualizations of melody as people.

The attached dialogue was captured from a streamed-special on Merce Cunningham that aired around the time of his passing. A Minneapolis reference suggests it might be from the Walker Art Center, but I’m uncertain. This segment of audio features Merce and John Cage in conversation about motion, sound and chance versus correlative approaches to meshing them.

chris habib


an edit of a recent improvised guitar collaboration lee performed with sarah lipstate of noveller in nyc. it was one of the final shows at storied manhattan avant garde performance space, roulette, before they packed-up shop to cross the river and set new roots in downtown brooklyn. filmed and edited by chris habib.



WARNING: CONTAINS A FEW SECTIONS OF STROBING IMAGES a non-narrative impressionistic documentary of the making of harmony korine’s “sunday” for sonic youth. features harmony as a disembodied voice, macaulay culkin, juilliard ballerinas, thurston moore and the incidental sounds intrinsic to harmony’s process. i shot this footage 10 years ago and finally got around to editing this last summer. there are 3 completely different versions of this movie. this is the only one that will be made public. stick with it. only a few scenes are shot off of the playback monitor and exhibit the strobing that resulted from shooting playback video of high-speed cameras. -chris habib